Chainsaw Man Chapter 129 has been delayed for one week due to Golden Week Festivals in Japan. Fans are getting impatient as there are yet no leaked raw scans, or any confirmed spoilers.

Chainsaw Man Chapter 129

We are not sure of any spoilers yet, but as the last chapter left us on a sharp cliffhanger we can guess what is coming in the upcoming chapter.

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Chainsaw Man Chapter 129: Release Date, Spoilers and more
Chainsaw Man

Spoilers Ahead!!!

Chainsaw Man Chapter 128 ended on a cliffhanger where we see a glimpse of the Pseudo-Chainsaw Man. We don’t know anything yet about his background.

In the upcoming chapter, we might see who this Pseudo-Chainsaw man is and his purpose. We might also see a confrontation at the end of Chainsaw Man Chapter 129.

Chainsaw Man Chapter 129: Release Date, Spoilers and more
Chainsaw Man Chapter 128

Chainsaw Man Chapter 128: Recap

We see Asa calling Denji a creep and being disgusted toward him, telling him to go to Hell. Denji was confused and explained to Asa that it is only because of s*x that humanity has thrived and will continue to do so. Asa again expresses her disgust and says it is only because people don’t have anything better to do, the feeling itself grosses her out.

Asa and Denji eventually get into an argument and Asa ends up emotionally hurting Denji by saying no one would want to get intimate with any man who has a Chainsaw on his head. They both end up flying up in the sky and through a door into Hell, where Denji wakes up to find an unconscious Asa.

Eventually, he finds themselves on a plate as he saw a severed man’s head and a few apples scattered along with piles of intestines, and for “final decoration”, blood smeared over the plate. He picks up Asa and begins to run towards a door only to be attacked by several Devils.

Denji and Asa served on a plate

The devils kept attacking Chainsaw Man and one of them cut off his head. He immediately resembled himself back and continued to run only this time to be blocked by the Falling Devil who try to make a deal with the Chainsaw Man, demanding him to keep Asa for the main dish and promising to send him back.

However, Chainsaw rejects that offer and someone else starts to chop up the Falling Devil with what seems to be a chainsaw. The newest Chainsaw Man chapter comes to a conclusion with this mysterious character, who is shown to have chainsaw abilities similar to Denji, pleading with him to avoid the Devil present until daylight.

Chainsaw Man Chapter 129: Release Date, Spoilers and more
The Pseudo-Chainsaw Man

Chainsaw Man Chapter 129

Fans are now curious about this latest development that will take place in Chainsaw Man Chapter 129. However, no leakage of spoilers or any reveal of raw scans is making the fans lose patience and disappointment.

Though we can guess that we going to see more of the “Pseudo-Chainsaw Man”. Although there may not be a full revelation of who this Pseudo-Chainsaw Man actually is we can still expect to get some clue. The fans are coming up with lots of theories and expectations on Reddit and Twitter before the release of Chapter 129.

Let’s look at some of those.

A user named u/Asian_in_the_tree recently posted on Reddit trying to confirm the theories from the Chainsaw Man Fanclub community.

During the Makima fight, Chainsaw Man went to Hell and back. But we never seen what happens in Hell. maybe something happens in it and Denji gets replaced by something else and the Denji we have seen since that was the fake one all along and the real Denji is the one in Hell?

To which fellow Reddit fans tried to come up with their theories.

A user named u/Implosion-X13 explained:

I don’t think that’s the case. I feel like we would have gotten hints by now that something was wrong with him. Maybe he would act weird or say stuff out of character and create a sense of unease, but he just seems like normal denji.

While another user named u/Glitchy13 pointed out:

It would be slightly more believable if you thought he was cloned or something, because the Denji in part 2 has all of the mannerisms and memories the real Denji should have including his trauma.

The way the fakesaw speaks (polite and properly) would automatically tell you it’s not the real thing, because Denji even speaking in polite form doesn’t sound the same.

Read the full Reddit thread here.

Theory: The Fakesaw Man is Denji
by u/Asian_in_the_tree in ChainsawMan

Meanwhile, on the lighter side, fans on Twitter started making memes after getting tired of waiting for any spoiler leakages.

Chainsaw Man Chapter 129: Where to read online

Fans will be able to read the latest issue of Chainsaw Man Chapter 129 on Viz Media and Manga Plus.

Chainsaw Man Chapter 129: Release Date

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Chainsawman News
Chainsaw Man Chapter 129 Will release in 2 weeks 🥲
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Chainsaw Man Chapter 129 will finally release after a 1 long week, on Wednesday, May 10th, 2023, for the Japanese fans and 9th May 2023, for the international fans with the following schedule: