Cameron Johnson’s remarkable journey from the 11th overall pick to a highly coveted forward showcases his resilience and skill. Known for deadly accuracy beyond the arc, his exceptional efficiency made him a key asset in the trade involving Kevin Durant’s departure from the Brooklyn Nets.

Despite his age, Cameron Johnson’s ability to stretch the floor as a tall forward makes him highly valuable in the NBA. He showcased scoring skills and maintained efficiency with the Nets, positioning him for a lucrative long-term contract in the $80 to $90 million range. The Brooklyn Nets have the right of first refusal in his restricted free agency.

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The Best Destinations for Cameron Johnson in the Upcoming 2023 NBA Free Agency

Johnson’s scoring ability, shooting proficiency, and floor-stretching skills make him an appealing asset for teams in need of an impactful tall forward. Despite his age, he is a valuable player worth pursuing in free agency.

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Here are the three prime landing spots for Cameron Johnson, the lethal marksman.

Brooklyn Nets

With the Nets trading away Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving and having previously dealt multiple first-round picks for James Harden, it becomes crucial for them to remain competitive. Re-signing Cameron Johnson becomes a priority as his evolving offensive game sets him apart from other wings on the team. Additionally, Johnson was a key asset in the Durant trade, and the Nets wouldn’t want to lose him for nothing when they have the ability to match any offer sheet. Staying with the Nets would provide Johnson ample opportunities within their offense, as they lack players who can create their own shot.

The Best Destinations for Cameron Johnson in the Upcoming 2023 NBA Free Agency

Housten Rockets

In the past three years, the Rockets have focused on acquiring talented players, aiming to find the right fit. With significant cap space this offseason, they could make a big move in free agency, potentially reuniting with James Harden or targeting Cameron Johnson if Harden goes elsewhere.

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Detroit Pistons

The Best Destinations for Cameron Johnson in the Upcoming 2023 NBA Free Agency

The Pistons have struggled to find a suitable starting small forward during their rebuild. Despite missing out on a top-three pick, they can address this issue by offering Cameron Johnson an enticing contract. Alongside Bogdanovic, Johnson’s ability to stretch the floor would complement the Pistons’ promising young backcourt of Ivey and Cunningham.

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