Caleb Williams draft destination is not entirely up to him, as the NFL draft order will dictate where he begins his professional career. If the team with the No. 1 pick in the 2024 NFL draft requires a quarterback, that team will select Williams. However, if the team with the top pick already has an established quarterback, they would likely trade out of the selection to receive a substantial compensation package.

In such a scenario, the balance of power in the NFL could shift dramatically. While it is uncertain where Caleb Williams will be drafted, some teams could make ideal trade partners based on their respective situations if the No. 1 pick is held by a team with an established quarterback. Despite the uncertainty, the NFL draft will provide plenty of excitement as Williams looks to find his new team.

The Explosive Caleb Williams Draft: Top NFL Teams to Watch Out For!

Caleb Williams Draft: Top Likely Teams

Pittsburg Steelers

Caleb Williams draft could be the solution to the Pittsburgh Steelers’ need for their next franchise quarterback, as he has the potential to be an anchor for the organization for years to come. In a division with talented quarterbacks like Lamar Jackson, Joe Burrow, and Deshaun Watson, Williams could become a key player for the Steelers.

Tenessee Titans

If the Titans acquire Caleb Williams, they would immediately become one of the top Super Bowl contenders.

The Explosive Caleb Williams Draft: Top NFL Teams to Watch Out For!

Denver Broncos

Russell Wilson will be leaving and Sean Payton will finally have his ideal quarterback in Denver. The AFC West will see Caleb Williams facing off against Patrick Mahomes twice a year, which is an exciting prospect.

Miami Dolphins

Miami might want to start over and find a new quarterback who can compete with Josh Allen and Aaron Rodgers unless Tua Tagovailoa has a remarkable season.

New England Patriots

The key to Bill Belichick’s final shot at another Super Bowl is a slight upgrade from Mac Jones. A Caleb Williams draft could just be the answer for good ol’ Bill.

The Explosive Caleb Williams Draft: Top NFL Teams to Watch Out For!

Las Vegas Raiders

Should Jimmy Garoppolo fail to perform exceptionally well with the Las Vegas Raiders this year, the organization may swiftly shift its focus and pursue the ultimate goal with Caleb.

Washington Commanders

If there’s one team that desperately needs a solid quarterback, it’s the Commanders. Oh, what they would give to be able to get Caleb Williams drafted into the team!