David William’s Golden Buzzer in Britain’s Got Talent 2019 could be an act of revelation. Golden Buzzer by David William stands a chance to put candidates straight through to the season finale live.

The winners for Britain’s Got Talent 2019 may already have been revealed.

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Britain’s Got Talent 2019: A year full of talented acts.

Britains got talent 2019 flakefleet final

As auditions have come to an end, fans are gearing up to watch Britain’s Got Talent live finale. A year full of talented acts, Britain’s Got Talent 2019 is arguably one of the strongest years yet.

The impressive act which blew out everyone away was Flakefleet Primary School’s routine activities.

Britain’s Got Talent 2019 judge David Walliams, was in fact highly impressed with their act. He pressed the Golden Buzzer and ended up putting the Flakefleet straight through to the final 2019.

Falkefleet Primary School act is the most favourite of the show.

Britain’s Got Talent 2019 finalists – The Bookmaker’s view

Britains got talent 2019 finals

Britain’s Got Talent leading bookmaker Coral, has cut the odds of Flakefleet from 5-1 to 4-1. Coral has put them in the pole position to be crowned as winners of the talent competition 2019.

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With the odds of 6-1, David and Finn are trying to make up to the top three. Chapter 13 is behind them with the odds of 5-1.

Harry Aitkenhead from Coral gave a statement on Chapter 13:

“Chapter 13 had jumped to the top of our market, but the latest surge of bets has been on Flakefleet Primary School, and the choir are now our clear favourites once more to win Britain’s Got Talent this year.”

On Monday, the live series of the show is going to begin. The viewers have started taking a keen interest in the acts of the judges that put through to the finals.

Harry Aitkenhead further revealed:

“Punters are backing them in their numbers to be the ones to go all the way.”

Leanne Mya’s performance stunned audience

Britains got talent 2019 leanne

Leanne Mya, Greenfell Tower Survivor, brought tears in the eyes of Judges and viewers, with her excellent performance.

Judge Simon Cowell reassured Leanne Mya, the survivor of a tragic fire in 2017, and told her not to be nervous at all.

Leanne Mya’s first note of Lay Me Down stunned the audience. Hugely inspired and impressed by her talent, the judges were on their feet.

Later, a series of tweets went by

“Leanne was incredible,” and one more person wrote: “Huge respect to the Grenfell Tower Survivor, Leanne. Your voice is beautiful.”

“Her voice is beautiful,” and another added: “Wow she was just so incredible you feel all the passion and commitment in her voice. Bless her.”

“Crying my eyes out at BGT this hangover is not ok.”