Hey there, critter aficionados and comedy connoisseurs! It’s finally happening. FOX’s action-packed laugh fest, “Animal Control,” is clawing its way back to your screens for a second season. Get ready to buckle up for an adrenaline-pumping journey, bursting with hair-raising rescues and a ton of hearty laughs!

Why We Couldn’t Get Enough of Season 1

Breaking News: What's Next for FOX's Hit Show 'Animal Control' in Season 2 — Will Frank and Fred Crack the Case or Each Other?
Animal Control

If you haven’t jumped on this bandwagon yet, let me fill you in. This show gives us a look at the exhilarating world of animal control officers. These are the unsung heroes who wrestle alligators, rescue abandoned fur-babies, and put animal abusers in their place. The brainchild of Bob Fisher, Rob Greenberg, and Dan Sterling, the series is a stellar production by Fox Entertainment Studios, steered by executive producers Tad Quill and Joel McHale.

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What sets “Animal Control” apart is its wild and compassionate lens on the business of critter care, wrapped up with elements that will either quicken your pulse or melt your heart into a puddle of emotions.

Breaking Records, Winning Hearts

Animal Control” wasn’t just any debut; it was the debut. According to FOX, the show’s premiere managed to pull in a record-breaking number of eyeballs for a scripted program in the network’s history.

Let that sink in. We’re talking about around 4.5 million views across all platforms in just the first three days. And now it’s coming back, emboldened by its status as FOX’s first fully-owned live-action comedy series. Honestly, this sophomore run was as inevitable as a raccoon rummaging through your trash.

What’s Cooking in Season 2?

So, what lies in store for season 2? Show insiders hint at a smorgasbord of fresh cases that promise to be more challenging and entertaining than ever. Expect a maze of quirky animal dilemmas like relocating a python (not the coding language, mind you) or hunting down a mischievous bunny that’s too cute for its own good.

But it’s not just about the animals. Remember Frank and Fred? The complicated relationship between Frank, played by Joel McHale, a former cop turned animal control officer, and his newbie sidekick Fred, is expected to offer up its own set of high jinks.

Meet the Pack

If the stakes are high, so is the chemistry among this diverse group of actors. Joel McHale’s Frank Shaw leads the squad with a rugged charisma, counterbalanced by the no-nonsense leadership of Emily, a role beautifully inhabited by Vella Lovell. Joining the critter-wrangling crew is Michael Rowland’s Fred, an eager beaver (metaphorically speaking) keen to prove himself. And don’t forget techie whiz Sanjay, portrayed by Ravi V. Patel, whose tech solutions often turn into comedic solutions. All together, they form an ensemble cast that truly brings the show to life.

Breaking News: What's Next for FOX's Hit Show 'Animal Control' in Season 2 — Will Frank and Fred Crack the Case or Each Other?
Animal Control

Interconnected Lives: More than Just an Animal Show

Don’t let the comedy fool you. At its heart, “Animal Control” delves deep into the complexities of both animal and human existence.

It’s a poignant reminder of how deeply our lives are connected to the animals around us, whether they’re wild, domestic, or just wildly annoying.

Ready, Set, Laugh!

As for the release date, you’ll need to hang on to your leashes a bit longer. While the exact date remains a mystery, keep your eyes peeled for updates, which could drop either later this year or sometime in 2024. Until then, start the binge-watch catch-up. After all, we have a season of wild adventures and laugh-out-loud moments to look forward to.

There you have it, folks. Season 2 of “Animal Control” promises to be an unmissable journey filled with hilarious antics, heartfelt moments, and of course, some paw-sitively thrilling rescues. Stay tuned!