With the latest Boruto spoilers, it’s revealed that Sasuke Uchiha has left the Leaf village after the latest events. The manga is presently on a break after completing the first part of the series. At the end of it, viewers witnessed Boruto Uzumaki and Kawaki exchanging places, leading to Boruto being pursued by the Shinobi of Konoha.

Sasuke Uchiha, the mentor of Boruto Uzumaki, was significantly involved in the storyline revolving around his escape, and the recent events could spell trouble for the legendary Uchiha once more. Although he isn’t an outright criminal, his actions may label him as a rogue ninja once again in the world of Naruto.

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Sasuke Uchiha’s Time as a Rogue Shinobi

naruto and sasuke
naruto and sasuke

Previously, Sasuke committed deeds that caused him to be hunted as a fugitive in the Naruto universe by the Five Great Nations. After leaving Konoha, he wasn’t immediately branded as an outlaw, but following his slaying of Itachi, his notoriety increased significantly. Seeking retribution against the village, Sasuke grew more brutal and began taking lives.

He also kidnapped the Raikage’s brother and showed no hesitation in slaughtering numerous others, including samurai from the Land of Iron. Sasuke openly proclaimed his intention to murder anyone who enjoyed the peace Itachi had established, even innocent Konoha civilians, which made him a criminal globally.

As if that wasn’t sufficient, he also temporarily joined the Akatsuki and aided them as long as it served his objectives. During the Great Ninja War, however, Sasuke began to make amends and assisted the Shinobi Alliance. Nevertheless, immediately following Kaguya’s sealing, he trapped the Tailed Beasts and announced his intention to assassinate all the former Kage to incite a revolution in the Ninja world. Naruto had to defeat him to steer Sasuke back onto the correct path, and ever since, he has remained true to his best friend.

Boruto Spoilers: The Criminal Allegations Against Boruto Uzumaki

Boruto spoilers

Following the Great Ninja War, Sasuke embarked on a journey of atonement across the globe. He gained a new perspective on the world and made an effort to aid those in need. Additionally, he sought out the Otsutsuki Clan in order to prevent their threat to the world. Despite remaining largely out of the spotlight for a time, Sasuke’s story became more intriguing with the arrival of Boruto Uzumaki. After receiving the Karma seal from Momoshiki Otsutsuki, Boruto was soon confronted by the secretive Kara organization.

Throughout the progression of the Boruto story, additional secrets about the Otsutsuki clan surfaced, expanding on their history and significance in the series. As the plot developed, a new character was introduced, Kawaki, who also obtained the Karma seal. Unlike Boruto, Kawaki was saved by the 7th Hokage at the expense of his powers.

Boruto spoilers
Boruto and Kawaki

Kawaki, driven by a desire to protect the Hokage who had saved him, made a vow to eliminate all Otsutsuki, including Boruto. However, this proved to be a daunting task. In his attempt to flee the village after clashing with Boruto, Kawaki was forced to resort to using the power of his comrade, Ada, to swap bodies with Boruto via the Shinjutsu of Omnipotence. In this twist of fate, Boruto was wrongly accused of killing the 7th Hokage, who had actually been sealed away in another dimension.

 Boruto Spoilers: Has Sasuke Committed Crimes

sasuke uchiha and boruto
Sasuke Uchiha and Boruto

When the whole world turned against Boruto, it was not surprising that Sasuke came to his aid. Upon learning from Sarada that Boruto was being framed, Sasuke immediately defended him and helped him escape from Konoha when surrounded by shinobi. This incident occurred in the presence of all the Konoha ninja, who witnessed Sasuke’s unexplained assistance to Boruto. Following this, Sasuke and Boruto decided to undergo training to become stronger and are expected to be absent from the village for at least four years.

This implies that, in the eyes of the village, Sasuke has shielded a criminal and sheltered him for a minimum of four years. Even though Boruto was accused of assassinating the 7th Hokage and posing a danger to global security, Sasuke aided him, which, to the ninja community, is likely to be considered a crime.

Despite his legendary status, Sasuke’s actions could still be seen as those of a rogue ninja, just like Boruto Uzumaki’s. If Boruto participates in any criminal activities, such as infiltrating the village or battling Kawaki, and Sasuke aids him, the duo could end up on the hit list for elimination, leading to an intriguing twist in Sasuke Uchiha’s tale. As of now, readers have to wait patiently for the Boruto manga to resume, as it is on a four-month hiatus.

One may access the Bortuo manga through the Viz and Shueisha’s affiliated website and app.