Boruto Spoiler Alert: A fan theory suggests that Sarada’s new Mangekyo Sharingan power could be linked to Hindu mythology, specifically to the goddess Sharada, who embodies knowledge and creativity. This theory proposes that Sarada may possess godlike abilities such as vocalizing words to manifest them into reality or all-powerful genjutsu due to her connection to Sharada, making her a key player in undoing the damage inflicted on the world by Eida in relation to Boruto.

Despite Boruto being on a break at the moment, its passionate fanbase is continuing to engage with the series in creative ways. According to the most recent update from the Boruto manga, the series is set to return in a few months, and fans are eagerly anticipating what’s to come. With a time skip on the horizon, Boruto has a lot of explaining to do when it returns this fall, particularly with regards to the new Mangekyo Sharingan and its mysterious powers. However, some fans are taking matters into their own hands and delving deep into the lore to try and decipher what exactly the new Sharingan is capable of. And now, one particularly dedicated fan has presented a compelling theory that just might unlock the secrets behind the power of this enigmatic eye technique.

Twitter user AdityaCursed recently shared an update on the social media platform that has caught the attention of Naruto fans. In the tweet, the user unveiled an interesting theory about Sasuke’s daughter and her Mangekyo Sharingan.

“I very recently noticed something that interested me a lot, Sarada’s name itself. Sarada’s name is nearly exactly the same as the Hindu Goddess Sharada, the goddess of Knowledge, Art, Learning and Music. I am referring to her since Kishimoto has taken inspiration from Hindu Mythology, specifically for the Rinnegan and the Samsara cycle of rebirth. The Rinnegan’s Six paths are inspired by it with even names of the paths such as Naraka (Hell), Preta (Soul/Ghost), Asura (Demon) and Deva (Divine). So it won’t be a surprise to me if Kishimoto does it again for Sarada.”

 boruto spoiler
boruto spoiler

As per ancient legends and fables, the Hindu deity Sharada is believed to be the origin of all wisdom and creativity. Devotees of Hinduism view the goddess Sharada as the embodiment of Saraswati, a prominent goddess who governed over all aspects of knowledge. It is believed that Sharada possessed the ability to dispel ignorance and make utterances come true effortlessly. This unique power resonates with the Mangekyo Sharingan due to its genjutsu impact, which indicates that Sarada might play a crucial role in undoing the damage inflicted on the world by Eida in relation to Boruto.

Regarding the capabilities of the Sharingan, the conjecture put forth by the fan proposes that Sarada could possess the ability to vocalize words and manifest them into reality in some way. Admittedly, this would be an exceedingly overpowered ability, but Boruto has already pushed the boundaries with its scaling in the past. With respect to the other two proposals, the theory posits that Sarada’s connection to Sharada could grant her all-powerful genjutsu or an all-knowing knowledge. In essence, Sarada may be destined for some truly divine abilities, and this isn’t a far-fetched idea.

Indeed, the Naruto franchise has always been known for its characters’ overpowered abilities, and Boruto seems to have taken that to a whole new level. From the Ten-Tails to cyborgs and even space ninjas, the series has introduced a plethora of powerful beings. It is no wonder then that fans are speculating that Sarada, with her unique sun-shaped Mangekyuo, may possess godlike abilities. With the series set to return soon and a time skip on the horizon, it will be interesting to see how these fan theories and speculations play out in the upcoming storyline. Boruto fans, be ready for what’s to come!

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