Bleach TYBW Episode 15, “Peace From Shadows,” proceeds with the war between the Quincies and the Soul Reapers. Bleach Fans witnessed the Gotei 13 captains battle the Sternritter despite losing their Bankai.

Bleach TYBW Bleach Fans
Bleach TYBW Cour 2

However, someone else caught the Bleach Fan’s attention this time!

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Bleach Fans Are Currently Simping over Lt. Rangiku Matsumoto In The Latest Bleach TYBW Episode

Squad 10 Captain Toshiro Hitsugaya and Lieutenant Rangiku Matsumoto engage in combat with Bazz-B in Bleach TYBW Episode 15. Lieutenant Rangiku Matsumoto is assigned to the Gotei 13’s 10th Division and reports to Captain Tshir Hitsugaya.

Rangiku is a slacker with a laid-back and free-spirited nature. So it served as a shocker to the fans to see Rangiku being all cute and suddenly taking on a weighty fighting mode.

Bleach-TYBW Bleach Fans
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PridefulSin 🪼
Rangiku was such a cute baddie in the new episode of Bleach
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Fans can’t stop simping over how badass Rangiku looks while taking on the villains in the fight.

“As carefree and irresponsible as she seemed she ABSOLUTELY threw down when it mattered.”


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Dani | Bleach 🩸
The Bleach Manga vs The Anime
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She goes from cutie mode to ass kicking mode with the flip of a switch🥹
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Few Bleach fans have complained about her haircut and hair color since long hair suited her best and gave her an assertive appearance. Fans did love her long orange hair, and it is a bit unsettling for them to see her in a “blonde Karen cut.”

“i miss the long hair gave her alot more maturity imo.”

“I love the short hair but long Haired Rangiku looks better”


“I thought she had orange hair did she dye it ??”

Given her personality in the series earlier, she always came out to be more immature than the rest of the other characters. Fans are happy that Ringaku is finally getting the much-awaited character development.

“She finally got past being immature for the most part in the series after Gins death since she was kind of stunted for a while after Aizens betrayal at the start of the series. Was a nice detail of growth and change for the last arc to include :)”

Bleach Fan Bleach TYBW
Rangiku and Toshiro Hitsugaya in Bleach TYBW Episode 15

Rangiku seems to have a glow-up, and probably one of the best glow-ups Tite Kubo has given to one of his characters. Rangiku had a very adorable look with plump cheeks. As mentioned earlier, she had a cheering personality and was a bit immature. With Rangiku assisting Hitsugaya in the battle with Bazz-B and evacuating the nearby Shinigami, it was indeed what the fans needed for Bleach TYBW Episode 15.

Bleach Fans Bleach-TYBW

Nevertheless, she can be both cute and fierce at the same time, and that is what makes her character so intriguing.

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