What does the English translation of “In Liebe Deine Jungs” from Better Call Saul season 6, episode 5 mean? The “Black & Blue” episode of Better Call Saul opens with one of the show’s cryptic cold opens, which features a perfectly crafted glass block with a slide ruler positioned dead centre. Then, the front is imprinted with the German phrase “In Liebe Deine Jungs.”

Better Call Saul: What “In Liebe Deine Jungs” Means

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What Does “In Liebe Deine Jungs” Mean? 

In season six of Better Call Saul, Werner’s wife, who is portrayed by Andrea Sooch, makes a shocking entrance. She is approached by Ben, a fellow patron at the pub, but she has no idea that “Ben” is actually Lalo Salamanca in full seduction gear, desperately trying to get information about the project Werner Ziegler was working on for Gus.

Lalo observes the “In Liebe Deine Jungs” dedication on a nearby shelf as he crouches down inside Margarethe’s home, analyses it, and then quickly exits through the nearby window. Better Call Saul’s “In Liebe Deine Jungs” transcription has sparked a lot of fan curiosity, and for good reason, it clearly refers to Breaking Bad.

The German inscription has raised many doubts concerning the German architect. ‘Liebe’ is a German word that signifies ‘love’ in English. The whole sentence, “In Liebe Deine Jungs”, literally translates to “With Love… Your Boys.” in English.

Better Call Saul: What “In Liebe Deine Jungs” Means

The glass plaque was created by the men who had interacted with Andrea Sooch’s husband. They would be killed as well, so they were unable to inform her of his passing. “In Liebe Deine Jungs” served as their ode, a method for them to express their sorrow and respect. It makes sense that they would give his wife such a wonderful gift in light of that.

“In Liebe To Deine Jungs” May Connect Lalo With Werner’s Old Team And Gus’s Lab


The plaque is a thoughtful gift, but if it ends up in Lalo Salamanca’s hands, it may get messy. Lalo can tell who made the plaque from the sticker and the engraved phrase “In Liebe Deine Jungs” on it. He may then locate Werner’s former team and Gus’s super-lab from there.

After escaping the attempted assassination, Lalo made the decision to go to Germany in order to learn more about Werner and his mysterious connection to Gus. In order to locate Margarethe and find out more about her husband, he pretended to be a man named Ben.

Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul, stars of Breaking Bad, are eagerly anticipating their comebacks. They will return as Walter White and Jesse Pinkman in the spin-off’s last season.

Conclusion: “In Liebe Deine Jungs”

Finally, the enigmatic inscription “In Liebe Deine Jungs” in the most recent Better Call Saul episode has revealed a touching ode from Werner’s former crew to his wife.

This kind gift may cause problems for Gus Fring and his super-lab in addition to serving as a symbol of their love and admiration for him. Lalo Salamanca has travelled to Germany in search of information regarding Werner’s relationship to Gus. If he can identify the plaque’s maker, it might be dangerous for Gus and his business.

Why Was Lalo Investigating Werner In The First Place?

An essential scene in Better Call Saul involved Lalo questioning Werner, which helped to cement the relationship between the Breaking Bad prequel and Gus Fring’s infamous superlab. Lalo’s dug wherever he could until he discovered Werner’s number and called him, determined to get the proof that Gus was betraying the cartel.

Lalo just found out about some hazy building project after Mike Ehrmantraut broke off his and Werner’s call, but this was enough for Lalo to realise he was on the correct route. Although Gus eventually prevailed over Lalo, the way Lalo made sense of the words “In Liebe Deine Jungs” demonstrates the cunning of this horrifying Better Call Saul antagonist.