Bel-Air Season 2 Episode 7, titled “Under Pressure,” picks up with Will Smith in his new life in Bel-Air, working hard to get into D1 schools. In this episode, we see some major developments in the lives of the main characters, with some unexpected twists and turns.

The Plot

The episode opens with the parents making breakfast for the boys. Aunt Viv is worried that Will and Carlton are pitted against each other due to the whole Founder’s Award thing. Uncle Phil is helping both the boys with golf, but Carlton notices that he’s giving Will the upper hand.

Later, after practice, Will rushes to school to present his pointers about the Founder’s Award to the students. Carlton and Connor are boasting about their strategies, but soon, someone air drops a video of Carlton letting his white friends say the N-word. Will tries to stop him, and Connor drops out of the race. Later, Carlton talks with his mom about the whole thing, and she inspires him to speak out about his experience with abuse.

Meanwhile, Will has finally made some friends at the academy while playing for Doc. He meets with Jackie at a party, who is very drunk and ready to pick a fight with anyone. Will takes responsibility for getting her home, where Doc also lives. The two talk about how Jackie had a really tough childhood, and Doc asks Will about how Phil saved him.


As for Hillary, she and Jazz finally break up. Jazz is too insecure about being around her, which doesn’t work for her. Hillary pays for their food when Jazz’s card declines, leaving him feeling emasculated. Will tries to help them go on a date, but it doesn’t work out until Jazz figures out his own issues.


The episode gives us a refreshing take on the entire situation, with unexpected twists and turns that keep us engaged. We see how the characters are growing and changing, facing challenges and overcoming them.

The relationship between Will and Uncle Phil is also explored in this episode, as we see how Phil is trying to help both Will and Carlton but struggles with balancing his attention between them. The tension between Carlton and Will is also highlighted, as they continue to compete for recognition and approval.


What is Bel-Air?

Bel-Air is a reboot of the 90s sitcom The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, with a darker, more serious tone.

Who is the main character in Bel-Air?

Will Smith is the main character in Bel-Air, playing a version of himself who moves from West Philly to Bel-Air to live with his Aunt Viv and Uncle Phil.

What is the Founder’s Award in Bel-Air?

The Founder’s Award is an award given to students who excel in academics and athletics at the academy where Will and Carlton go to school. It’s a highly coveted award, and the competition between students is fierce.

Who is Jazz in Bel-Air?

Jazz is a character in Bel-Air who is a friend of Will’s and has a romantic interest in Hillary, Will’s cousin.