Barry, the dark comedy series starring Bill Hader, returned with its fourth season, and fans eagerly awaited how things would play out for the hitman-turned-actor. In episode 2 of the new season, titled “Bestest Place on Earth,” we see him revisiting his past and grappling with his present.

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The episode begins with Barry having visions of his childhood. We witness the first time his father introduced him to Fuches, who was like a fun uncle to him. Fuches informs the FBI agents that he no longer wants the deal and sees his chance to be Barry’s father figure again.

Fuches hires Gale Winograde, a criminal lawyer, and introduces him to the prisoners as The Raven. Cristobal proposes a business deal to Bong, a Chinese crime boss specializing in smuggling, but Bong is uncomfortable with the Guatemalans involved. In a hilarious sequence, Cristobal and Hank get both groups together in an arcade gaming corner, and they propose a legitimate business opportunity.

Hank contacts a guy named Toro to break Barry out of prison. Lon finds a mysterious note instructing him to follow other clues to “get the story of his life.” It turns out to be Gene, who teaches acting at the theatre, and he tells Lon the story of Barry Berkman in a self-made theatre act.

Sally visits Barry, and he confesses his love to her, but she leaves without saying anything. When Cristobal is making a speech to propose a legitimate business, Hank brings up breaking Barry out of prison, leading to a fight between the two partners. Barry imagines growing old with Sally and decides to take the deal Fuches was offered.

Barry offers up the entire network of gangs in LA and requests to bring “someone” with him. Lindsay leaves Sally as an agent, citing her situation as bad for her public image. Gene tells the story of Barry Berkman to Lon, and Lon agrees to publish it as an anonymous source. Sally shows up at the theatre and presses Gene on why he did not tell her, and Gene proposes she starts teaching acting.

Fuches assures Barry he can get them out using his “special” legal acumen. When Fuches goes to inform Barry, he finds out Barry has taken the FBI’s deal. Hank tries to defend Barry against Cristobal, and Fuches calls Hank to tell him of the developments, leading Hank to say to Cristobal, “We need to kill Barry.”


Some reviewers criticized the show’s season 4 for not having the comedy element that was once its foundation. However, in episode 2, the delightful, dark humor of the complex characters is back. Cristobal and Hank’s show at the table full of Guatemalans and Chinese was full of spice, and Barry’s betrayal of Fuches was shocking and inevitable.

The episode showcased how far one would go to get back the love of their life, and Barry’s decision to take the deal offered by the FBI shows how he is willing to take a huge gamble. Fans can wager that things will work out, given how Barry has managed to slither out of tricky situations.

Gene’s spiteful monologue was his shot at getting appreciation and giving him a renewed sense of adequacy. The tangent of his character veering towards jolting the narrative forward worked well.


Q: When did Barry Season 4 premiere?

A: Barry Season 4 premiered on HBO on March 20, 2022.

Q: How many episodes are there in Barry Season 4?

A: Barry Season 4 has a total of eight episodes.

Q: Who stars in Barry?

A: Barry stars Bill Hader as the titular character, a hitman turned aspiring actor, alongside an ensemble cast including Stephen Root, Sarah Goldberg, Anthony Carrigan, and Henry Winkler.

Q: Is Barry a comedy or a drama?

A: Barry is a dark comedy exploring severe themes such as trauma, identity, and morality.

Q: Who created Barry?

A: Barry was created by Alec Berg and Bill Hader.

Q: Has Barry won any awards?

A: Yes, Barry has won multiple awards, including numerous Primetime Emmy Awards, Writers Guild of America Awards, and Critics’ Choice Television Awards.

Q: Is Barry available to stream?

A: Yes, Barry is available to stream on HBO Max.