The wait is finally over! Fans of the critically acclaimed series “Barry” were thrilled to see the show’s long-awaited return on March 20, 2022, with its first episode of the fourth season titled “Yikes.” This season is one of the most anticipated, and the first episode does not disappoint.

The episode opens with a shocking announcement about Barry’s arrest for the murder of Janice and an attempt to kill James Moss, Janice’s father. The news of Barry’s arrest spreads like wildfire, and prison officers eagerly await his arrival. The season’s premiere episode sets the tone for the rest, promising a dark and intense ride.


The season’s opening episode is packed with twists and turns. As the news of Barry’s arrest spreads, various characters deal with the aftermath. DA Buckner and Chief Krauss are present at the press conference, where Gene Cousineau tries to defend Barry. However, things don’t favor Barry, and his situation appears dire.

After returning to Joplin, Missouri, Sally receives the news of Barry’s arrest, causing her severe panic attack. This scene is particularly impactful as it reveals Sally’s complex past and strained relationship with her mother, Claudia. Fuches, already in prison, becomes frightened when he sees Barry being brought into the same cell block as him.

Agent Harris offers Fuches protection and a new life if he can get Barry to confess to other murders by wearing a wire. Meanwhile, NoHo Hank and Cristobal have taken refuge in Santa Fe and decided to start a new business. As the episode continues, we see various characters struggling with the aftermath of Barry’s arrest.

Gene walks past Barry and remembers the first time he met Sally on the stairs outside the theater. Sally learns that her father has converted her room into a “man cave,” adding to her overwhelming stress. Lastly, Barry apologizes to Fuches for the disastrous outcome of his attempt at self-discovery.


The first episode of season 4 of “Barry” is a fantastic start to the season. The writing and acting are excellent, and the story sets the tone for the rest of the season. The episode provides a glimpse into the aftermath of Barry’s arrest and how it affects the people in his life.

The panic attack scene involving Sally is particularly visceral and highlights her complex past and strained relationship with her mother. It’s a powerful scene that adds depth to Sally’s character and allows us to empathize with her struggles. The scene where Officer Birdwell assaults Barry is also impactful, showing the consequences of his actions.

In addition, the performances by the cast are top-notch. Bill Hader, Henry Winkler, and the rest of the cast deliver exceptional performances that bring the characters to life. Overall, “Yikes” is an excellent episode that sets the stage for a thrilling season.


What is “Barry” about?

“Barry” is a dark comedy television series created by Alec Berg and Bill Hader. The show follows Barry Berkman, a former Marine turned hitman who discovers a passion for acting while working in Los Angeles.

Who stars in “Barry”?

“Barry” stars Bill Hader as Barry Berkman, a hitman turned aspiring actor, and Henry Winkler as Gene Cousineau, his acting teacher. Other cast members include Stephen Root, Sarah Goldberg, Anthony Carrigan, and Glenn Fleshler.

What is the show’s critical reception?

“Barry” has been praised by critics for its unique blend of dark comedy and drama. It has won numerous awards, including multiple Primetime Emmy and Golden Globe Awards.

When did season 4 of “Barry” premiere?

Season 4 of “Barry” premiered on March 20, 2022, on HBO.