Barbie movie featuring Margot Robbie as Barbie and Ryan Gosling as Ken is set to release soon. Directed by Greta Gerwig, the movie has been in talks since the announcement of its going to the floors.

There have been numerous speculations about the movie, and even memes were instant on the internet once the trailer was released.

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Barbie movie: Where to Watch Online? Predictions for the streaming platforms
Barbie 2023

Barbie movie: Where to watch online?

Barbie is reportedly anticipated to stream on Netflix. However, there hasn’t yet been any formal confirmation. It makes sense to add the live-action Barbie if we look at the catalog of Mattle’s 12 animated movies on Netflix. Disney+ or HBO MAX do not offer any movies related to Barbie. So fans can expect the movie to stream on Netflix.

Barbie: Dreamtopia series and Barbie – Vlogger, along with several more rental Barbie movies, are available on another platform, which provides a much smaller selection of films. Therefore, we advise the followers to also keep an eye on Amazon Prime.

Barbie movies: All about it!
Barbie, a well-known doll from Mattel is the main character of these movies, who embarks on magical adventures with her friends who get along with her in her journey.

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Eva Mendes supports husband Ryan Gosling in #Barbie movie shirt.
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The “Barbie” movie hasn’t confirmed what it is all about. The hush-hush around the film has it hyped up even before its release. The memes, internet trolls, speculations, everything revolves around the film without knowing much about what it is all about!

Barbie movie: Where to Watch Online? Predictions for the streaming platforms
Different versions of Ken and Barbie in the last movie of Barbie 2023 starring Simu Liu, Dua Lipa, and Emma Mackey

Both Anne Hathaway and Amy Schumer were in talks to be in the lead role in the Barbie movie. However, due to scheduling conflicts, both dropped out of the films and Margot Robbie was booked in. Rumors suggest that Amy Schumer’s Barbie movie version was supposed to be about Barbie not fitting into the perfect standards of her perfect world and getting kicked out of it. She marks her journey trying to find the way to the real world.

Barbie Movie: Release Date

With that being said, the release date is coming up soon. Hit the nearest theatres with your friends on July 21, 2023, to watch the live-action Barbie movie, starring Margot Robbie, Ryan Gosling, Simu Liu, Emma Mackey, Dua Lipa, and many more.

Watch the trailer right here!