Barbie, the iconic global sensation directed by Greta Gerwig, has taken the world by storm in 2023. Despite a stumble in South Korea, the film triumphed as Warner Bros.’ second highest-grossing release of the year, even surpassing The Dark Knight in the US. This doll-inspired phenomenon not only generated TikTok trends but also stirred unexpected support, including from Joe Rogan.

Taking advantage of this whirlwind of excitement, Warner Bros. has devised a clever strategy to squeeze out a few extra dollars from the fervor. They’re introducing an exclusive plan: a one-week run of Barbie in IMAX theaters across North America and select international markets.

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When is Barbie coming on IMAX?

Starting from September 22 until September 29, Barbie enthusiasts can catch their favorite doll on the grand IMAX screen. This unique week-long engagement offers a slightly tweaked version of the film, showcasing brand-new post-credits scenes.


For Warner Bros., capitalizing on Barbie’s success is a no-brainer. Following their other endeavors like The Flash that fell short of expectations, Barbie emerged as a saving grace in 2023. The film’s triumph in the Barbenheimer battle caught everyone off guard, surpassing initial predictions and accumulating over $1.3 billion in its original run.

Although Barbie’s earnings were impressive, The Super Mario Bros. Movie managed to edge ahead with $1.36 billion, taking the lead. This upcoming IMAX run could potentially propel Barbie to claim the throne as the highest-grossing film.

Barbie Post-Credits Scene

Allan from B arbie


One of the most anticipated aspects of this limited IMAX release is the new post-credits footage handpicked by Greta Gerwig. Fans hope this scene might hint at the desired Allan and Midge spin-off, adding an extra layer of excitement to the experience.

While the exact date for ticket sales of the Barbie IMAX run remains unannounced, rest assured that we’ll keep you updated as soon as the information becomes available. So, get ready to immerse yourself in the larger-than-life world of Barbie, an exclusive opportunity that can’t be missed.