Eren’s Drastic Change in Season 4

Eren Yaeger’s character has undergone a radical change in Attack on Titan’s final season. A specific event triggered his transformation from a hero to a villain: kissing Historia’s hand.

What Eren Saw

In Season 4, Episode 20, “Memories of the Future,” it was revealed that Eren saw the future when he kissed Historia’s hand. Specifically, he saw Grisha Yaeger’s task to slaughter the Reiss family and a future version of himself.

The Power of the Attack Titan

All Titan Shifters in Attack on Titan can see the memories of those who previously held their Titan. Historia, a member of the Royal Bloodline, triggers a memory from the previous holder of the Attack Titan, Eren’s father, Grisha Yaeger when she makes physical contact with Eren.

Furthermore, the Attack Titan has a unique ability that allows its wielders to see the memories of future inheritors. The current Attack Titan user cannot willfully know the future but can only see what future inheritors show him.

Future Eren’s Plan

According to Grisha, Future Eren has been pulling the strings of the series for quite some time. Season-4-Eren’s plan is a terrible one that will succeed, and it seems like Future Eren has accomplished it.

Grisha saw the result of Season-4-Eren’s plans that Future Eren has accomplished. Season-3-Eren saw Season-4-Eren in Grisha’s memory; through Grisha’s memory, he saw Future Eren’s plan. When Season-3-Eren kissed Historia’s hand, he saw his entire future.

Eren’s Ultimate Goal

Whatever Eren Yaeger’s ultimate goal is, it’s so terrible that his father begs Zeke to stop him. Season-4-Eren’s withdrawn, almost depressed demeanor takes on a new light now that it’s clear he’s been living his life already knowing the outcome of his actions.

Implications for the Future

It’s unclear what Eren’s ultimate goal is, but it’s clear that he saw a lot of the future. This may make him unstoppable in his fight with Zeke over control of the Founding Titan, as the full extent of what Eren saw is still unknown.

“Judging by Grisha’s words, Future Eren has been pulling the strings of the series for quite some time and whatever Season-4-Eren’s plan is, it’s a terrible one that’s going to succeed.”

Overall, the revelation of what Eren saw when he kissed Historia’s hand sheds light on his transformation and raises many questions about the future of Attack on Titan.