You can easily watch Attack on Titan online through the usage of various platforms. Here’s a quick streaming guide for every AoT fan out there.

Attack on Titan introduced us to mammoth creatures who eat humans and ravage cities. The anime series first aired in 2013 and earned a lot of fame since there were no usual zombies or ghosts. But unique giants who were much more terrifying than the usual monsters.

The anime follows Eren’s story of revenge against Titans as his mother was killed due to them. His entry into Survey Corps helps him fight a battle against them. The final chapter is around the corner so fans desire to know how to watch the episodes of this anime smoothly.

Where to watch Attack on Titan ( Shingeki no Kyojin)?
Every season and episode of Attack On Titan is available to watch on Crunchyroll. 

If you want to watch this anime from the beginning then you must follow this pattern. If you just randomly pick up any season and start watching then you might not understand anything. So you must watch it according to the following order of the titles.

There are many platforms to allow you to watch anime. Some platforms contain a few seasons while others provide all the seasons and the latest episodes.

How To Watch Attack On Titan ( Shingeki no Kyojin) On Hulu?

Yes, it is available on Hulu but the episodes are limited. Also, there are no bonus episodes available on Hulu.

How To Watch Attack On Titan ( Shingeki no Kyojin)  On Amazon Prime Video?

You can enjoy the anime on  Amazon Prime Video by purchasing the individual seasons. But all seasons are not there. You can watch only till Season 3.

How To Watch Attack On Titan ( Shingeki no Kyojin) On Funimation?

Funimation is an easy way to watch this anime. You can watch dubbed episodes for free. In case you want to see the latest episodes then you need a subscription.

How To Watch Attack On Titan ( Shingeki no Kyojin) On Crunchyroll?

Every season and episode of the anime is available to watch on Crunchyroll. Enjoy episodes in the original language or dubbed version. Many episodes are available to watch for free while others demand a subscription.