An Attack on Titan update is being highly anticipated by fans who are looking forward to a finale for the much-loved show. Well, it seems there is some good news for the fans! Read more to find out!

Attack on Titan Update

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Attack on Titan Update: The Anime Conclusion

The anime adaptation of Attack on Titan, produced by Studio MAPPA, is set to conclude this fall with a series finale. The second last episode of the previous season shows Eren Jaeger initiating the Rumbling which leads to a direct confrontation between the Scout Regiment and the new Founding Titan. The season ends there and will continue from there.

Attack on Titan: The Manga Conclusion

The manga version of Attack on Titan has already reached its conclusion in 2021. The reactions to the ending are divided but the series did come to an end with an epic final battle between Eren Jaeger and the Scout Regiment.

Hajime Isayama on Sequels

Despite the conclusion of the main series, the creator of Attack on Titan, Hajime Isayama, has indicated that he does not plan to create a sequel. However, there is potential for side stories, possibly exploring characters like Captain Levi.

attack on titan update
Isayama is not keen on Attack on Titan’s sequel.

Attack on Titan Update: October 4th

Attack on Titan’s editor, Shintaro Kawakubo, has announced that there will be a major update for the series on October 4th. The update still remains a mystery and has left fans anticipating the date.

Studio MAPPA’s Busy Year

Studio MAPPA, the production house behind Attack on Titan’s fifth and final season, has been involved in various other anime projects in 2023, including Jujutsu Kaisen, Vinland Saga, and Hell’s Paradise. MAPPA might be announcing Attack on Titan’s concluding season soon once the ongoing series wraps up.

Attack on Titan Update: High Anticipation for Finale

The final battle between Eren and his former friends in Attack on Titan’s conclusion has generated significant anticipation among fans with expectations that it could overshadow other anime series of the year.

As fans eagerly await the October 4th update, speculation abounds regarding its content. Whether it leads to new stories in the Attack on Titan universe or provides additional insights, it’s sure there will be excitement and discussion within the fan community.