Things are soon going to get all heated up in the Attack On Titan season 3 Part 2, as Eren and Mikasa May turn their backs on the Survey Corp so that they could save Armin.

After a brutal attack by enemy Titans, Armin will suffer an extremely fatal injury. The characters will here have to choose wisely for whom to save and who should be condemned for a future death.

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According to the spoilers so far, the prime mission is going to be to bring Survey Corp down to their last hole in the ground and plugging it all up, thanks to Eren’s hardening ability. This is to assure that no other Titan makes it through after this. But as fans may have sensed, this is completely pointless and the upcoming third season of Attack on Titan will demonstrate why and how.

Attack on Titan Season 3 Part 2: Spoilers

Attack on Titan Season 3 Part 2- Spoilers

Thanks to the Beast Titan’s abilities, there’s no need to allow the rest of Titans from outside into the hole. The person who’s behind Beast may just make as much as he wishes to, using those people behind the walls. All of this combined proves that the mission in the Attack on Titan season 3 part 2 will be a fruitless endeavor.

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Some leaked spoilers for Attack on Titans season 3 part 2 also state that the sacrifice given during the whole attack turned out to be a waste. It will further lead to a conflict between Levi, Eren, and Mikasa. The duo desire to save Armin. On the other hand, Levi is willing to save the leader. This decision will have some implications that shall go beyond the upcoming episodes of the anime.

Attack on Titan Season 3 Part 2- Release Date

Till Attack on Titan’s third season ends, fans will be treated as it will be revealed that everything taking place since season one is nothing more than a pointless struggle.

Attack on Titan Season 3 Part 2: Release Date

Attack on Titan’s season three part 2 episode one will be airing on April 29.