Attack On Titan director Yuichiro Hayashi’s latest sketch depicts a brooding Eren Yeager, showcasing the character’s notable transformation over the anime’s decade-long run.

Attack on Titan: Final Sketch

Eren Yeager’s fictional character arc portrays one of the most tragic falls from grace in history. Initially motivated by a desire to free his people from oppression, driven by the trauma of his mother’s death, he eventually descends into darkness and hopelessness, culminating in a disturbing plan for genocide. Throughout the series, Eren’s appearance and demeanor transform into a cold and detached shell of his former self, lacking in empathy. This transformation is powerfully illustrated in the recent social media sketch by Yuichiro Hayashi.

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Eren Yeager illustration by Director Yuichiro Hayashi
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The recently released sketch has sparked further discussion about the highly anticipated final episode of Attack On Titan. Although the release date has not yet been confirmed, it is expected to be before the winter of this year. In the meantime, fans have been able to enjoy an hour of new content from the second-to-last episode, which was released in March, to tide them over until the series’ conclusion.

Currently, Yuichiro Hayashi is one of the most prominent anime directors in the industry. In addition to his work on Attack On Titan, he has also directed other popular anime such as Dorohedoro and Kakegurui. Hayashi joined the Attack On Titan team as a director for the final season of the show, and has received positive feedback for his work so far. Despite some impatience from fans, it is evident that Hayashi has a strong understanding of the characters, including Eren, and is skillfully bringing their stories to life on screen.

Attack on Titan: the grand finale

Attack on Titan
Attack on Titan, the grand finale

Viewers in the United States who watch Attack On Titan with English subtitles have only the final episode of the anime left to wait for. However, fans who prefer the English dub are still waiting for the release of Season 4, Part 3. In the past, the show’s release schedule typically saw the English dub released a month after the initial subtitled release. However, this pattern does not seem to hold true for the current season.

Attack On Titan The Final Season, Part 3 premiered almost two months ago, and fans are still waiting for news on the English dub release, with no updates from the show’s production team. Despite expectations for the dub to be released soon, the unexplained delay has left fans curious about what is happening behind the scenes of Attack On Titan