Have you ever heard of a Danish artist, named Thomas Dombo, who has been creating wooden giant sculptures from recycled materials? If not, read this post till the end because you are really gonna like what Dombo does. 

This skilled artist builds giant wooden sculptures from 600 wooden pallets, an old fence, and a shed. After that, he combines everything together. And voila, the masterpiece is ready! He places these giant wooden sculptures around Copenhagen forest with a motive to encourage people to visit his hometown. “It invites the viewers to go on a treasure hunt, not only to see the sculptures but also to discover hidden gems in nature,” Dambo says. 

You will be happy to know that each of his work interacts with the environment. You can scroll down to see some of this amazing work.

Artist Thomas Dambo used 600 pallets and other scavenged wood to install 6 giant wood sculptures in hidden spots around Copenhagen.

People are encouraged to go on a treasure hunt around Copenhagen to find the giant sculptures, using a map or clues found in poems near each artwork.

Dambo makes each recycled sculpture with the help of volunteers, who come with all types of experience.

Watch this video to see how the giant wood sculptures came to life.