Andrew Tate, known for his controversial nature, recently made a vile comment about Amanda Holden on Instagram. Despite facing serious charges, Tate finds time to stir trouble online.

Andrew Tate comments on Amanda Holden’s Insta

Under house arrest in Bucharest, he targeted Holden, who posted a bikini photo during her family holiday. Tate criticized her for sharing such a picture, but his trolling didn’t go unnoticed. Holden’s friends and fans defended her against his toxic remarks.

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Andrew Tate's comment

Andrew Tate Receives backlash for vile tweet

Loose Women star Charlene White called out Tate’s attention-seeking behavior, while feminist barrister Charlotte Proudman exposed his hypocrisy, considering his pending charges while body shaming and making ageist comments.

She tweeted:

“Self-proclaimed misogynist, Andrew Tate has been charged with r*** and under house arrest but that doesn’t stop him taking to Twitter to make s**ist jibes about Amanda Holden – whilst age and body shaming her.

“The king of toxic masculinity strikes again.”

Supporters of Holden pointed out Tate’s double standards, referring to his own social media presence, which includes shirtless pictures and explicit material.

Last week, leaked text messages revealed the disturbing ‘loverboy method’ allegedly used by Tate and his brother, Tristan, to lure women into sex work. The messages showed lies, manipulation, and coercion used to recruit young women.

These revelations have fueled public disdain for Tate and his questionable behavior. Despite trying to maintain notoriety, his actions draw criticism from all corners.