On Thursday, the opera singer Andrea Bocelli was seen riding a horse through Central Park in New York City.

The blind opera legend, who is 64 years old, looked comfortable and sure of himself as he rode through the park on a white horse with a guard.

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Andrea Bocelli

Andrea Bocelli wore black shades and a black scarf with dark pants and a velvet blazer for the event.

Five years ago, in Pisa, Italy, Bocelli fell off his horse and hurt himself. After being flown to the hospital by helicopter, the singer told his fans and well-wishers that he felt fine and that the fall was nothing to worry about.

Andrea Bocelli

Dear friends, I would like to reassure you and tell you that I feel great: it was just a trivial fall from a horse,

he wrote.

The famous tenor has said in the past that riding is important to him because he has always liked taking on challenges, even before he went blind at age 12.

Andrea Bocelli

It’s my culture. I love the challenge. I made my parents suffer a lot when I was younger,

Andrea Bocelli previously said.

Every day I take risks with my life. With the bicycle, with the horses, in the sea, everywhere. I probably have an angel. A very careful guardian angel.

Andrea Bocelli

Even though the opera singer has a disability, he has stayed physically active and has been seen skiing, windsurfing, rollerblading, and riding a bike.

Andrea Bocelli and his wife, Veronica, are in New York City to see the premiere of his movie, The Journey: A Music Special From Andrea Bocelli.


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