The debt story of the current year seems to be going nowhere. This is happening despite the various warnings to the world of finances by the huge figures.

If the banks continue their loaning activity without the required protections in the loan market which is booming and leveraged, things are never going to get healthy.

The Senior Loan Officer Opinion Survey of the Federal Reserve stated that in the third quarter of the current fiscal year, the terms loans which include both commercial as well as industrial along with the standards of lending had eased.

Both the large as well as mid market companies have the application of figures and this in turn suggests that permeation of a large part of the credit market of the United States has is from the “covenant lite” lending.

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The loans of the Covalent-lite are short of the protections of the lender having being constructed into the contracts of the traditional loan and giving access to the organization to continue pursuing more loan services from the bank or to loosen out the dividend payout restrictions from the banks.

According to the Institute of International Finance, the volumes of the loans which have been leveraged globally constitute a net volume of $1.6trillion.

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Fed had surveyed about 70 banks from the United States from the domestic market and most of them agreed that due to the increase in the competition bank’s are compelled to provide loans at an eased standard or term.

The data further suggested that the demand for the loans is falling because of the ability of the customers to generate the funds internally.

However, the foreign banks have reported that the demand for loans in the sector of CS&I have not witnessed any change in the third quarter of the current fiscal year.

Source: BusinessInsider, Bloomberg