It was recently reported that Amy Slaton and her husband Michael Halterman had broken up. People say that the couple will soon file for divorce. But it looks like Amy Slaton is having a great time, even though she might be sad about the rumored split.

The star of “1000-lb Sisters” seems to be giving herself nice things these days. On Monday, the star shared a picture of her blue hair on social media. The TLC star was wearing a black dress and smiling at the camera while carrying her brand-new Gucci bag. People seem to be interested in both her happy face and how much money she spends. Keep reading to find out more.

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Amy Slaton


Amy Slaton flexes her Gucci bag in a new post.

1000-lb Sisters‘ star Amy Slaton has a lot of her pictures on Instagram. The star is seen posing for the camera in front of her house. Amy Slaton is seen smiling and showing off her new look in black and brown sunglasses and a Gucci handbag. She stood sideways and posed in a black dress to show off her handbag. Amy is posing for the selfie in the other two photos. The star wrote in the post’s title,

Beautiful day to smile!!!

Well, it looks like Amy Slaton’s mood hasn’t changed because she supposedly broke up with Michael.

Amy Slaton


‘Glad you treated yourself to a little Gucci!’

Many of Amy’s fans liked that she looked happy in her post. A fan commented,

Yes queen! Glad you treated yourself to a little Gucci!

Another fan wrote,

Girl USE that divorce money you deserve it.

A fan replied to this,

in the process, she moved out with tammy.

No news has come out yet about whether or not Amy and Michael have filed for divorce. So, it’s too early to guess about getting money from a divorce this soon. But it looks like the star has been spending on luxuries since she’s supposedly no longer married.

You need to keep the house and make him move! PS nice bag!

commented a follower.

Another said,

Amy bills are paid.


Let’s go then Gucci bag,

wrote another.

A fan wrote,

Treat yourself. You deserve it.

People on the internet have said that Amy will get paid well after the divorce is final. Let’s keep waiting to see how much and when Amy will get her money from the divorce. Until then, you can watch all the drama of “1000-lb Sisters” on TLC. Every Tuesday at 9 p.m. ET/PT, a new episode comes out.