Veterinarians raced to save the hooked companion’s hooked Labrador, who had become the first canine treated for addiction.

Tragically, their owner had left the alcohol out when they passed away.

The male puppy, named Coco, arrived at a shelter in Devon with signs of alcohol withdrawal, but its buddy passed away soon after having fits.

It was “a first,” according to the concerned shelter, Woodside Animal Welfare Trust, to witness the animals experiencing canine alcohol withdrawal.

The animal rescue center, which is based in Plymouth, Devon, said that Coco, a two-year-old Labrador-cross, has now been with them for more than a month after beginning his “tragic” journey with them and initially needing urgent care therapy.

The Alcoholic Labrador

Alcoholic Labrador

Following the tragic loss of their owner, Coco, and his canine buddy arrived at the rescue facility. However, it immediately became clear that something was wrong because they both unexpectedly fell ill.

Before Coco began to have a fit, the dog who regrettably passed away frequently had fits.

The on-site crew had made every effort to save both pets, but the second dog had died, according to a veterinarian at the shelter.

According to the shelter’s Facebook page, Coco remained “seriously ill and required round-the-clock care.”

The scientists acknowledged that it was difficult to diagnose the Labrador puppy, but they added: “It became evident that he was experiencing symptoms that all pointed to alcohol withdrawal.”

The dogs’ owner placed out beverages “before he went to sleep,” according to the staff at the rescue center, and the canines grew addicted to booze.

“He spent four weeks under sedation to help with his withdrawal symptoms and to lower the risk of further fits,” the author of the original post continued.

Thankfully, it seems that the treatment was effective, and the puppy will soon be ready for adoption.

We are so grateful that we are now out of danger, Coco is off all medicine, and she is starting to behave like a regular dog, the shelter wrote in a social media post.

Although physically he appears to have recovered emotionally, he is still very worried at times. Therefore he is not yet suitable for adoption.

Before being adopted through the Dunroamin Special Care Unit, the rescue center noted that he would have to rehabilitate into a home-like setting gradually.

“This has most definitely improved his rehabilitation and all-around well-being.

“No-one knows the specifics on how these dogs got into the situation with alcohol but we do know that without our care Coco would likely have not survived this heart breaking ordeal.”