The whole world is under lockdown due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. And, thus people across the countries are staying at home to contain the spread of the virus. During these testing times, the frontline workers and healthcare staff are at the highest risk due to the pandemic. But they are serving the patients selflessly. So, Adele, on her birthday left a thank you note for all the healthcare workers.

Adele, during her live performance

The Adele fans must be aware that she leaves a birthday message every year. And her this birthday’s message began to trend on social media platforms. Adele thanked her fans on Instagram for showering love in her birthday wishes. She also thanked the key workers and thanked the angels for their selfless job. She also prayed for the well being of all humans. Also, she has now posted after Christmas and thus, her fans are going crazy after seeing her. The singer signed off her post with waving a bye to 2020. No doubt, Adele has tediously worked upon her physique too.

Adele changes drastically after loosing weight

Also, we know that you are really eager to know that when will Adele come up with a new album. So, in February, when Adele was seen at her friend’s wedding she told that fans can expect her new album in September. Thus, we can speculate that we can see the singer’s new album later this year. As this will be her first album after 5 years, the fans are more curious about it.

So, let’s wish to see Adele’s new album coming up soon. Also, we pray for the well being of Adele on her birthday. And, also thank all the frontline workers!



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