In the latest episode of Accused, Jiro Tamura is grieving the loss of his mother and taking care of his brother, Osamu, who has a disability. While dropping Osamu off at a caregiving facility, Jiro notices another resident, Kyle Tanner, harassing him. He also sees struggle marks on Osamu’s shoulder. Jiro’s primary caregiver, Leon, informs him that Kyle harassed new residents and had a verbal scuffle with Osamu the other night.

Jiro works as a PR Consultant for the Sacramento Seals football club, and when the club’s new star signing, Videla, calls someone “Cripple” on camera, Jiro has to handle the situation. He successfully spins the story into an immigrant’s issue. Leon informs Jiro that Osamu fell down the stairs but escaped with minor injuries. Later, Jiro learns that Kyle pushed Osamu and took his tablet. Jiro confronts Kyle, but the facility manager, Dr. Mary Weatherford, testifies against Jiro in the present-day trial, calling him “paranoid” about Kyle harassing Osamu.

Jiro reprimands Videla for missing sensitivity training, but when the player mentions “brain damage,” Jiro is triggered and raises his voice. Ashley, Jiro’s colleague, informs him that Videla’s manager has filed a complaint with the State Labour Department against him, and Jiro is put on “indefinite leave” until he attends “sensitivity training.” Jiro is also investigating Kyle outside the facility, but Sarah, Jiro’s wife, denies his request to check for sealed records against Kyle.

While discussing his internal guilt, Jiro reveals that Kyle has been arrested three times, the last being for “aggravated assault,” and was placed in a psychiatric facility before his sentence was commuted. Jiro discusses his added responsibility for caring for Osamu and how he has tried to make others happy his whole life. Mary informs Jiro that Kyle has been transferred to another facility as Leon found Osamu’s tablet in his room.

Jiro drops off a Japanese dish he prepared for Osamu before leaving for an exhibition match, but he finds Osamu tied to the bed with a black eye and bruises. Jiro repeatedly pushes Leon against the wall, severely injuring him, and in the past, when Jiro brought Osamu back to his house and missed the flight, Osamu jumped into the pool and drowned.

In the present-day trial, it is revealed that Osamu was saved and is in attendance. Sarah asks Jiro’s lawyer for a break and discusses strategy. Sarah asks Jiro to take the plea deal or risk going to prison, which would destroy their family. Jiro agrees to plead guilty if Osamu can come home with them, and the decision goes in Jiro’s favor, and we see Osamu finally swimming in the pool.


Unlike most Accused episodes this season, “Jiro’s Story” dealt less with legal complexities and more with emotional ones. The acting was brilliant, and the writers deserve praise for contextualizing the story well for the viewers. It’s straightforward to grow attached to the characters and their desperate circumstances.


What is Accused?

Accused is a legal drama series that follows the stories of individuals charged with crimes and on trial. Each episode focuses on a different character and their journey through the justice system.

What is the premise of the “Jiro’s Story” episode?

In “Jiro’s Story,” Jiro Tamura is a family man struggling to cope with the loss of his mother and the care of his disabled brother, Osamu. Jiro’s world is turned upside down when he witnesses his brother being harassed by another resident at a caregiving facility and begins to investigate the situation, leading to a series of events that ultimately result in tragedy.

What themes are explored in “Jiro’s Story”?

“Jiro’s Story” explores themes of family, responsibility, guilt, and the lengths people will go to protect the ones they love. It also touches on issues related to disability and the challenges that caregivers face.

What is the tone of the episode?

Unlike most other Accused episodes in the season, “Jiro’s Story” deals less with legal complexities and more with emotional ones. The tone is somber and reflective, focusing on character development and personal struggles.

Who stars in “Jiro’s Story”?

The episode features a talented ensemble cast, including Hiro Kanagawa as Jiro Tamura, Hiro Kanagawa as Osamu Tamura, Tamlyn Tomita as Sarah Tamura, and Brian Markinson as Dr. Mary Weatherford.

Where can I watch “Jiro’s Story”?

“Jiro’s Story” is part of Accused Season 1 and can be streamed on Amazon Prime Video.