Accused is a legal and procedural drama with an anthology story format. Fox has produced this show to join the ranks of major networks like ABC (Will Trent), and CBS (So Help Me Todd) that have come up with strong offersolidThe performance explores the grey area between legal nuances and moral virtues that drive one to do something. It aims to separate the “accused” from the “alleged crime” by bringing a new case in each episode, making it an engaging watch.

Accused Episode 10 Release Date and Time

If you’ve been following Accused over the weeks, you may wonder when the next episode will release. Episode 10 of Accused’s season 1 will air on Tuesday, March 28th at 9 pm (ET) / 8 pm (CT). It is estimated to have a runtime of approximately 42 minutes. If you miss the episode, you can catch up with the available subtitles.

Where Can I Watch Accused?

Accused is an exclusive original series available to watch on Fox. Unfortunately, there is no word on international streaming at this time.

Accused Season 1 Total Episodes

Fox has commissioned the first season of Accused to have 15 episodes, following a weekly release pattern. The finale is scheduled to air sometime in April of this year. Therefore, we have six more episodes to go after episode 10.

Accused Trailer

Yes, a teaser for the new episode is available now. You can watch the promo here!


Accused is an intriguing legal and procedural drama exploring the complex grey areas between moral values and legal nuances. The show’s format of a new case per episode keeps it engaging for its viewers. If you’re looking to watch Accused, it’s available exclusively on Fox, with a new episode every week, and the next episode is scheduled to air on Tuesday, March 28th at 9 pm (ET) / 8 pm (CT).