After a video of Jim Carrey’s response to Cameron Diaz being forcibly kissed during an awards ceremony surfaced again on Tiktok, social media users praised him. Over a million people have seen the TikTok video.

Jim Carrey

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One fan wrote: “You can see on his face that smile. He knew what he was gonna do. When they called his name.”

It happened amid fan uproar over the recently discovered MTV Movie Awards clip 1995.

Jim Carrey first earned popularity in gross-out comedies like Dumb & Dumber and Ace Ventura, where his elastic face and boundless energy won over fans. Since then, Carrey has acted in films of many kinds, including several fantastic rom-com like Bruce Almighty. Carrey does not, however, shy away from tragic roles either.

For his part in the dystopian reality television parody The Truman Show, he received a great deal of critical acclaim. In the famous work of art Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, he furthermore portrayed the romantic straight-man lead. Jim Carrey has had to deal with popularity in addition to his acting accomplishments.

Jim Carrey was one of the most recognizable faces in the world of celebrities, Mainly in the 1990s. A horde of devoted followers followed him because of his wildly popular cinema roles.

Jim Carrey


He has, however, been considerably more private and less eager to maintain his position in the public glare in recent years. He frequently expresses his disapproval of society’s fixation on celebrities.

Jim Carrey has instead frequently been eager to poke fun at the paparazzi. Details of various sad events in his history have come to light over time. His smile seems to conceal a great deal of suffering.

Jim Carrey TikTok Video

Jim Carrey has recently attracted attention for once again becoming one of the best celebrities.

Fans are applauding the actor in unearthed footage from the 1995 MTV Movie Awards. Cameron Diaz and musician Chris Isaak are seen presenting an award in the TikTok video as they gave the prize for “Best Kiss,” the two stood side by side.

As Isaak forcibly kisses Diaz, she can be seen angling herself away from him and clearly feeling awkward. Isaak didn’t anticipate Jim Carrey’s answer, the Oscar winner, though. The actor was recognized for their on-screen kiss in Dumb and Dumber with Lauren Holly. Jim Carrey may be seen advancing to the stage in the video. Isaak is then bravely embraced by the actor. That’s not all, though.

Jim Carrey might have had a full-on makeout, though the camera position makes it difficult to tell. Isaak is seen wiping his lips as they split apart, and he is shown bending the musician to one side. Carrey has received acclaim from his admirers for his response to the awkward kiss.

One wrote: “I think he was more excited about getting revenge for her than getting the award! Love him for that.”

Another said: “The Mask was her first movie. Jim had her back. Love it.”

Here, you can view the TikTok Video.


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