Did you know it is believed that a person with pets is healthier and happier? But there is one thing you all might not be aware of. It’s that pets can also save their owner’s life (literally). It’s not just dogs who are acting brave but many other pets like parrots and cats are also ready to do anything for their humans. Awww! 

To show how selfless and loving pets can be, we at Hiptoro has collected 8 heroic and fearless stories where daredevil pets are sealing the show. 

Keep scrolling and keep reading! 

1. Jorge and Chiquita

Our first story is about a brave little dog, named Chiquita. The story goes back to one of the average days in Costa Rica. That day this little dog was trying to stop anybody who could help. After trying so hard, Chiquita has managed to stop some drivers who followed her to a man named Jorge on a curb. Jorge had fainted half an hour earlier and was actually the owner of this cute dog. 

Since Jorge was dressed poorly, everyone thought he was drunk. But when they came to know he seriously needed help, they called an ambulance. After that, this adorable doggo traveled with her owner to the hospital. 

It was only because of Chiquita that Jorge received the treatment on time. 

2. DBoy taking a bullet

The second story is about a fearless pitbull named Dboy. Everyone thought the dog to be intimidating and scary but it seems like they all were wrong. It’s because this brave dog took bullets for his owner. Yes, you have read it right! 

This has happened on one of the unfortunate days when Dboy and his owner Roberta Trawick became victims of the home invasion. Roberta was just sitting in her living room and that exact time, an unknown man ran through the front door. After that, the man pointed a gun at her. 

But Dboy came and was ready to attack the shooter. However, the man shot the pit bull once in his head and twice more. The shooter then ran away and Dboy was taken to the hospital. Luckily, the dog is safe and has fully recovered. 

3. Hannah and Willie

The next story is a little different because here a little parrot named Willie has saved a small girl and nanny. It was a regular day and the nanny was baking pie for the 3-year-old Hanna. After that, she went to the bathroom and suddenly heard Willie yelling, “Mom, baby! Mom, baby!”

After that, the nanny rushed to the kitchen. There she saw a bite was taken out of the pie and Hanna was on the floor turning blue. Following this, the nanny performed a Heimlich maneuver on the little girl and now she is fine. 

4. Wunsy the savior

This story is also about a parrot but this one is a majestic African Gray Parrot named Wunsy. This incident goes back to the time when Wunsy and the 25-year-old owner were out for a walk in the nearby park.

While these two were enjoying their walk, an unknown man came and attacked the young lady. After that, he dropped her to the pavement. Seeing this, the heroic parrot rushed to her rescue. Wunsy scared the attacker with the big wings and the attacker fled the scene. Later, they notified the police about the assault incident. 

5. Sky, the dog who fought off sharks

The next story is about a heroic dog, Sky who saved her owner from two sharks. The story is set in Australia and is about a boat captain, Franz Van Derpoll, who was diving and fishing for his dinner. While he was doing so, two sharks circled him ready to attack. 

When Sky saw this, she leaped into shark-infested water. Sadly, this heroic move has cost Sky her life. This loss was also very hard on Van Derpoll, daughter, the owner of Sky. She said, “Dad may have rescued her, but I feel she is the one that rescued him too.”

6. Tara the hero cat

This story is about a superhero cat named Tara. The incident took place on the day when her little human was viciously attacked by a dog. Seeing this, Tara chased away the dog and saved the boy.

This story went immediately viral on YouTube gaining 20 million views. Also, in her honor, June 3rd was named, “Tara The Hero Cat Day” in the family’s hometown in California.

7. Ace the firefighter

Here is another heroic pit bull named Ace who lives in Indianapolis. He has a 13-year-old owner named Nick Lamb who is legally deaf.

When Nick was alone in the home, the house caught on fire. But since he was not wearing his hearing aid, he didn’t notice anything. But his dog ran into the room and woke him up. After that Nick smelled the fire as the smoke had already begun filling up his room.

Fortunately, the good boi Ace woke his owner on time and they both are safe.

8. The guiding Monty

The last story is about a faithful German schnauzer, Monty. The story goes back to 2011 and it’s about 64 years old at the time, Ian Thomas.

What happened was Mr. Thomas was struck with a lightning bolt. Because of this, he fell unconscious 100 yards away from home. His 5-year-old pup was also struck with lightning but he proceeded to lick his owner’s face and then, once Ian had the strength to wrap his hands around the dog’s neck, dragged him home.

After that, Mrs. Thomas took her husband to the hospital on time.