Do you know what dogs like? Of course, treats, toys, and more treats but not more than car rides. Like us, even dogs like the window seat and the feeling of cold breeze touching their fur. Sounds great, right? 

To show you that dogs find happiness in small things, we have compiled 35 happy pictures of dogs who are enjoying a comfortable and happy car ride. 

“GF’s dog hit warp speed.”

Either my eyes are playing tricks on my or that’s Sid The Sloth from the Ice Age…

The wind from the sunroof always hits different…

Is that Wildmutt from Ben 10?!

Ayla enjoying the fresh breeze.

Just some good boys enjoying themselves on a Pugsventure.

“First nice car ride of the season.”

“Driving along in the automobile…”


“Mukha enjoying the wind.”

“My friend’s dog loves car rides.”


When you realise that life is about more than just chasing your tail.

“Slow Down! I Don’t Have My Seat Belt On!”

“From my car window…”

I don’t know how to make my hair do things.”

“My Husky Neo loves his car rides!”

There are two types of dogs.

I guess they’re going to the vet…

“Lucy loves car rides.”

Aesthetic doggo!

Doggo enjoying some wind.

“I am Speed!”

Conway’s first time in a Convertible.

Breathing in some fresh air and reconsidering life decisions.

Good boy Duke enjoying the view.

Gorgeous Betty loving the wind.


When the wind is blowing fast but you’re loving it.

It was at that moment the doggo realized that he was a petrolhead.

Not sure if a fluffy dog or a Super Saiyan…

“Blowing in the wind.”

Big doggo witnessing the real beauty.

Bulldog enjoying the view on his way back home.

Guess they both called shotgun.