Have you ever tried repeating the things in your home that says “do not try this at home”? If yes, you are not alone. Well, we are not proud of it but even we have ignored such instructions. But today, we are seriously asking you to not repeat what you going to see here. 

Actually, there is a popular Reddit community r/RedNeckEngineering that has some bizarre ways to make things work. These things are far away from the norm but they are fun to see. So, go ahead, scroll down, and enjoy them.

#1 Touchless Dispenser

#2 Protection From Escaping

#3 For Remote Teaching Without A Document Camera

To know more, we reached out to the owner of r/RedneckEngineering. The redittor told us that “it can range from something as common as using a hand mirror to replace a side-view mirror to something complex like building a backyard water slide with a loop-de-loop.” The members of the subreddit give “bonus points if it’d make an OSHA inspector cringe.”

#4 Looks Level To Me

#5 Fixed The Gate Problem…

#6 My 12-Year-Old Son Modified His Bike With Carpet For Barefoot Riding

#7 Rear Parking Sensor

#8 When You Ask A Welder To Fix Something For You

#9 Master Lock 100

#10 Found This Fork In My Brothers House And Asked Him Why He Had Done It…. Then He Ran Upstairs To Grab His iPad

#11 A Whole Crap Load Of Amish Guys Moving A Barn

#12 Would Like To Buy This Guy A Beer And Hear His Story

#13 Man Puts Chicken On Top Of Squeegee To Eat The Spiders Trapped In The Ceiling, Natural Pest Control

#14 Landlord Decided To Turn Down The Heat Today In My Mn Apartment As It Reached -40°. But The Idiot Must Have Forgotten He Pays My Electric And Doesn’t Realize That I Value My Comfort Over Safety Or Energy Conservation.

#15 I’m Bad For Using Whatever Tool Is Handy As A Hammer, Usually A Crescent Wrench. My Husband Learned A Bit Of Welding And Redneck Engineered This For My Birthday

#16 Buoyancy

2 Korean student’s made a raft out of potato chip bags to prove they have too much air in them.

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#17 Local Chinese Restaurant. The Entire Kitchen Is Walled Off With Plastic. There’s A Cardboard Flap To Pass Money, And The Box On The Right Acts As An Airlock With Two Flaps To Pass The Food Through. It’s All Plastic Sheet, Cardboard And Duct Tape

#18 Whoever Built This Might Have A Ph.D. In Redneck Engineering

#19 Steering Wheel Broke, Needed To Finish The Yard. Thankfully I Know How To Drive A Stick

#20 Your Move, NASA

#21 Use A Fishing Rod To Teach Your Son Baseball

#22 We Needed To Disassemble A Shelf In An Office And We Didn’t Have A Mallet. Rubber Bands + Hammer = Mallet

#23 Silent Killer Mkii

#24 Came Across This Picture And Wanted To Share

#25 *Beep Beep*

#26 When Covid Requires Separate Climate Control In An Auto, What Can You Do?

#27 Grandpa: 1 Trash Panda: 0

#28 Redneck Security System

#29 That’ll Do For Now, He Said. That Was 4 Years Ago

#30 My Life Has Been A Lie

#31 Gotta Love Uhaul

#32 Bought A Used Toy For My Kids At A Garage Sale. I Guess They Didn’t Have Any C Batteries. But They Did Have An Aa Battery And A Wood Dowel Though

#33 This Is Why We Have The 2nd Amendment. So People Can Do This

#34 Ran Out Of Washers So Drilled Through Some Pennies

#35 Installed My Anti-Tailgater Device Today… Now I Just Need To Find Something For Folks Who Cut Me Off…