So we know that you have endless love for pets that bring you to our page again and again. Today, at Hiptoro, we have collected some cat images for you to brighten up your day. We are sure that those of you have cats have a home are absolutely in love with their playful and always energetic behaviour. Even if you don’t have one, after seeing the images we have collected, you would want one for sure.

Cats come in all types of shapes and sizes. Some are black k in colour have long ears and tiny tails, but irrespective of the breeds you simply love them. Today, we have gathered memes, images, and funny photos from the Internet of orange cats that you would love.

So scroll down and have a good time.

1. Who knew green, lavender and orange would look so good together!

2. This orange kitty does not like double standards

3. This adorable baby kitty should be charged for making our hearts stop!

4. Kitty knows self-care comes first!

5. Hide the truth from this precious baby at all costs!

6. We stan this kitty!

7. We accept sulking if it is that adorable

8. Have this hooman arrested for being so cat-insensitive!

9. We need washroom-partners like this!

10. Oranges never looked this yummy!

11. The happiness!

12. This orange baby represents all of us. every morning!

13. Can we hire these hunters?

14. Our faces need those kisses, please!

15. Hoomans are the cruelest!

16. Why can’t hoomans cat-pathize with us?!

17. These Sherlock Holmes cats are very serious about their business!

18. These cats are very protective about their mom!

19. Our hearts are just melted at this heartwarming sight!

20. This kitty has a granny’s soul in it!

21. Orange cats are the new plants!

22. James is a precious baby!

23. This dad deserves an award for not discriminating between his babies!

24. These surprises are the best ones!

25. Our whole life has been a lie?

26. We need these fur balls to bless our eyes!

27. That cat’s handwriting is the best, ever! Don’t argue with us ,okay?

28. We would invade our cat’s sleep with kisses if it slept like this!

29. ‘I was told to scatter my hair everywhere so everyone knows who the real owner is

30. This orange baby has seen too much!

31. We love a good emotional support!

32. This cat knows how to spread love!

33. Getting love from someone else’s cat? ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED.