While reading a piece of prose if you have gone by “oh, a man wrote this”, then you will love this post.

In fact, there is a subreddit community for “Men Writing Women”, where the founder Meg Vondriska asks people to share how male authors depict female characters in an unrealistic, often very sexualized, and gendered manner.

“The more I started to notice it in the books I was reading, the more I was frustrated and wanted to talk about it,” she told the press. Today, the subreddit is fully dedicated to sharing samples of “how men who create films, books, TV, and graphic novels characterize women,” and no longer buying into it.

Scroll down to have a look.

Who Knew Ladies Were Like Capri Suns!

Oh How The Turn Tables

“110 Pounds Soaking Wet, With A Heavy Chest And An Ass That Would Get Any Man’s Attention”

Monster Hunter Memoirs: Grunge By Larry Correia And John Ringo. “Narrow Hips That Showed She Was A Virgin” Uh… Excuse Me? I Don’t Think You D**k Is Special Enough To Widen Hips

Should Have Put This Up Sooner

I Am Losing My Mind At This Passage

Vintage Wonder Woman Is Something Else

Not A Description Per Se But I Feel Like It Definitely Has The Spirit Of This Sub

Is-… Is She A Gecko?

These Examples Of Bad Writing From The Latest New Yorker Issue Killed Me

“Occasional Vaginal Discharge” You Mean That Thing That Everyone With A Vagina Gets And Is Completely Natural All Of The Time?

Just Saw This And It Reminded Me Of This Sub

Vaginas Are Just Quick-Access Pockets. Santa Fe Edge By Stuart Woods

This Is How Women Cope With Loss According To Haruki Marukami (1q84, An International Best Seller)

Forget Alarm Clocks

As A Woman Who Totally Is Not Donald Trump Himself

Pants So Tight You Could Read The Expiration Date Of A Credit Card

A Man Describing His Dream Woman [“The Dark Forest”, Cixin Liu]

Book Is ‘The Spy Who Loved Me’ By Ian Fleming

Keeping Your Emotions In Your Nipples Since 1980 (Number Of The Beast, Robert A. Heinlein)

Ew. Summer Knight By Jim Butcher

“Not How Sex Works” From “Ritual” By David Pinner, Plus Generic Nipples

[the Things They Carried By Tim O’brien] Reading A Book For English Class And Found These…

I’m Speechless??

Yes, Because I Really Need To Know That The Lost 9yr Old Doesn’t Have Breasts. Thanks, Stephen King

Every Adjective I Could Come Up With To Describe How Reading Things Makes Me Feel Pales In Comparison To This Monstrosity Of A Paragraph

“Women” By Charles Bukowski. I Could Highlight The Whole Book

Is She Really A Woman If Her Boobs Are Not Described?

Oh My.. (Shane Dawson, I Hate Myselfie)

I’m Just On Page 3 Of This Book, And This Is The Detective’s First Thoughts On The Mother Of A Kidnapped Child

What are your thoughts on the way how a male author describes a female character? Do you also think male authors use sexualized and gendered manner, or do you think otherwise? In either case, I would love to hear your opinion.

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