Of course, parents love their children and would do anything for them, but parents can be overbearing at times. They buy their entitled kids whatever they want, whenever they want, making them feel entitled and causing them to tantrum when they are not satisfied.

Well, hello and welcome to r/EntitledKids, where entitled kids’ activities like this are posted. It’s a subreddit where people share anecdotes of whiny and spoilt children they’ve known or seen.

It is difficult to accurately depict its menu, but here you will notice a range of practices ranging from modest day-to-day exhibitions of spoilt kids to all-out plans that should have the entire world dancing to the music you play. Is it a kid who sat on a railway seat so others wouldn’t, or another who spent $300 on toys without her parents’ knowledge and grinned for the camera when the gifts arrived?

What about a child who is upset because her mother refuses to take her to the shopping to buy extra gifts, or a child who believes his parents are being unjust by not allowing him to visit his girlfriend during a lockdown? Here is a selection of the greatest posts from the r/EntitledKids subreddit community.

1. Kid threw a chair and a soccer ball at the television

2. Entitled kids wants to report my channel to YouTube because they didn’t like my video

3. A random guy got pushed into a frozen lake by some girls and here’s what they had to say

4. Your child bit it, so you have to buy it

5. What’s really happening?

6. The entitlement is on a whole new level

7. My mom doesn’t let my 7 year old sister get a frappachino at 9 o’clock

8. You run your mouth, you get what’s coming

9. You’ve got to be kidding me

10. Way to go, kid!

11. Kid lies that he has brain cancer but later admits it

12. Someone’s been breaking a lot lately

13. And he was busted

14. A fun stuff that is morally horrible

15. Someone is getting sitted on

16. Well, your $10 doesn’t solve the problem now

17. This post on FB made me laugh

18. Little kid lies to mom in order to put my girlfriend in trouble

19. Found this review as I was looking for a gaming headset

20. Is it a crime to touch kids here or what?

21. Now where should we start from?

22. Kid is mad because her mom wants to take her Disneyland instead of the mall where she intends to buy more gifts for herself

23. An 8 year old entitled kid scattered my shop and when she didn’t find what she wanted, she threw a tantrum

24. Entitled kid doesn’t want to understand why he can’t visit his girlfriend during lockdown

25. From a child in my kid’s school

26. Not really sure if this person is just playing around

27. Just because you fake some pain doesn’t mean life is free

28. This is so mean

29. And she was even smiling for the camera

30. Told someone we couldn’t sell the fish and their kid broke the glass

Like the guy who bought all the chocolate bars so the kid got nothing, you’d want to do something similar if you saw an entitled kid demanding things so disrespectfully. Well, thanks to the parents who have chosen to make every one of their kids’ demands come true, we have a subreddit like r/EntitledKids where their matters are tabled.