Doesn’t it feel great when someone is always there for you? Doesn’t it feel good when there is someone who is always there to make you feel special? Doesn’t it feel great when someone is waiting for you when you get back to your home? Of course, it does. That is why we love dogs so much. These tiny beasts are always there to make us feel better on our gloomy days. And probably that’s why we love everything that is related to them. 

For starters, the cute Snapchat dogs. If you are saying that your heart does not melt after seeing these cuties, you would be lying. If you want to know what the Snapchat dogs are up to these days, keep scrolling. 

1. So precious and well-raised kiddo!

2. Dogs know how to make your day better!

3. Someone’s craving attention.

4. Aggressively affectionate pupper!

5. Dogo teaching us the lesson of staying positive.

6. You will always remain in my heart.

7. A deer-dog!

8. Love and cuteness also remained constant.

9. What dedication looks like.

10. Dignified leetul man!

11. Little to perfect! My heart is melting.

12. Cows be like *A baby calf??*

13. This freaked the hell out of me!!!

14. No fence should stand between them!

15. Not too happy about its new pet.

16. A lovely surprise.

17. “I need belly rubs, right now!!”

18. “Can I have that back please?”

19. Feed them with spaghetti and meatballs! Perfect date.

20. Tiger dog chilling in its natural habitat.

21. Mom counting heads and checking if someone is missing.

22. That stick is slightly different than the usual one.

23. Trying to be a dalmatian.

24. Aww!! That’s a stick leg. Poor dog.

25. The dog bouncer.

26. Settle down human!

27. Mud wrestling.

28. You horrible hooman…

29. Pet to reboot the dog.

30. A happy dog leads to a happy life.

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