We often forget how beautiful our earth is but this does not make it less unique. Although sometimes we take nature for granted, it still remains stunning in its own way. The CEWE Photo Award 2021 decided to prove this thing by organizing a photography contest under the theme “Our World is Beautiful”. 

Scroll down to see the best pictures.

Landscapes – Best Entry By Stefan Schorno. Kuh Oder Gletscher?

Animals – By Grzegorz Bukalski. Winter Nap

People – Best Entry By Josef Hinterleitner. Unser Lied

People – Category Winner By Hartmut Schwarzbach. Rainy Season-Regenzeit

Animals – By Doris Dörfler-Asmus. Ohhhh Nein

Animals – Dikye Ariani. Mother’s Love

Travel & Culture – Best Entry By Lorenzo Perotti. Rowing At Sunset

Landscapes – Category Winner Manfred Voss. Frozen Lighthouse

Animals – Category Winner By Josef Schwarz. Der Clan Kuschelt

Animals – By Tilly Meijer. Kiekeboe

Landscapes – By Manh Ngoc Nguyen. Im Melaleuca Wald

 Nature – Best Entry By Andreas Wolden. Isfjell

Architecture And Technology – By Tadej Turk. Morning In Ljubljana

Nature – Category Winner By Petra Jung. Pusteblumen-Schirmchen

Animals – By Zdenek Pachovský. Merops Apiaster

Sport – Category Winner By Andreas Bauer. Straßenfußball

 Hobby And Leisure – By Pascal Lieleg. Sit ‘N’ Skate

Animals – Robert Sommer. Einzelzimmer Frei

People – By Van Hop Nguye. Eye Contact

Aerial Photos – By Dani Guindo. Divided

People – By Antonio Aragon Renuncio. Kindness

Architecture & Technology – Best Entry By Rong Yang. Morgenstimmung In Den Bergen

Nature – Best Entry By Mareike Mosch. Kontraste

Architecture And Technology – By Giorgio Pizzocaro. Shadows

Hobby And Leisure – By Artur Pardo. Color Pencil Refraction

Aerial Photos – Best Entry By Sultan Ahmed Niloy. Ducks Feeding

Sport – Best Entry By Simon Alvarez Foucher. Basket Acrobatique

Aerial Photos – By Azim Khan Ronnie. Drying Incense Sticks

People – Best Entry By Karel Meuleman. Verdiept, In Een Boek

Travel & Culture – Best Entry By Edgard De Bono. Dances