Someone has truly said that no matter how you feel or what you go through, your dog is gonna love you unconditionally. Because that’s how pure these cuties are. And the best thing, your furry friend can express how he feels. Cool, right? 

Now, you might think about how it is possible? Well, we have the answer. According to a study, it has been seen that just as humans, dogs also have “love hormone” i.e. oxytocin. That’s why each time you look into your furry friend’s eyes with compassion and love, he smiles. 

To show you that dogs are made with nothing but love, we have found some pictures that will melt your heart. So get ready. 

1. Baby’s best friend is already waiting outside.

2. When your personal space gets invaded by raining kisses:

3. “I don’t know you, but I like you!”

4. “I promise I’ll be a good boy!”

5. Airport security is a tough job but this team seems to be handling everything.

6. “Mommy, can we have a kitten?”

7. “Hello, human puppy!”

8. A supportive little pup checks on its friend…

9. You can literally feel how much he was worried at this moment.

10. Size doesn’t matter when it comes to friendship.

11. The bug boop

12. Why does looking at peacefully sleeping dogs bring so much joy?

13. There’s no such thing as someone else’s children.

14. “One of my best friends returned from Afghanistan tonight. This was his dog’s reaction.”

15. Love is also about sharing interests, right?

16. The cheesy grin

17. A dog may only be part of your life but to your dog, you’re everything.

18. “My 90-year-old mom is really sick. When we brought our dog to visit her at the facility, he threw himself down on top of her to give her all his love.”

19. “Hey, buddy, what happened?”

20. “How my puppy greets me when I get home from work”

How my puppy greets me when I get home from work from aww

21. “You’d better be done soon, Tracy! I have balls to chase!”

22. This dog is meeting his canine hero and he can’t believe his eyes.

23. “Don’t worry little baby, I’ll keep an eye on you!”

That is one caring dog from MadeMeSmile

24. Doggy had a little lamb…


If you have also captured great moments like this, don’t forget to share it with us in the comment section.