The feeling when you’re welcomed into the home after a hectic day by your cute little dog, who has been waiting for you all day is unmatchable. After a long day, you expect some long and warm hugs from your pet dogs to release your stress. For that, you have your furry friend.

But then you enter your house and nothing seems right. You realize that cushions have been torn apart, there are scratches all over the walls, and even some blunder in the kitchen. And there is your dog sitting in front of you with their cute little eyes, hoping you won’t realize that they caused the hurricane.

Here are some pictures clicked by the owners who managed to caught their dogs red-handed. It’s a blunder but you can’t stop yourself from laughing. Scroll down and enjoy it!

#1 Please save me! The cushions just BLEW UP on its own!!

#2 “I have something I need to tell you…”

#3 I’m speechless. How can a dog cause such a mess?

#4 “Hi Mum, we had a great day, how was yours?”

#5 “I swear it wasn’t me!!”

#6 “The floor was too hard, I made it softer!”

#7 “In my defense, it was an offensive magazine.”

#8 The door wasn’t useful so I thought I’d just break it.

#9 Hooman, it’s too messy. Clean it up!

#10 “Oh it wasn’t me. All of this is that cat.”

#11 You won’t believe what happened to me this morning- my bed exploded!

#12 You’ll still love me, no?

#13 “I didn’t do it, I’ve been in my cage this whole time!”

#14 My momma isn’t happy with my Mother’s day decoration.

#15 “No, we disapprove of any other corgi in the house.”

#16 I got distracted while handing over the toilet paper.

#17 “Ah, I just like the cushion in this way better.”

#18 “I couldn’t see the person who knocked on the door.”

#19 There was a spider and I know how much you hate them, so I took care of it. Punish me if you want… but I regret nothing. Oh, and I love you.

#20 We didn’t do anything. It was a raccoon.

#21 The new cushions failed the Henry test.

#22 Feathers are the new blanket.

#23 “What? No, I didn’t do it. Please. I’m a good boy.”

#24 I decorated my bed!

#25 “I’m in my cage. They are the mischief ones.”