I don’t think you are ready to handle this cuteness.

You love dogs, and you love babies. What can you ask more to see these two adorable creatures in one frame. When you have a baby, and that baby is loved by your dog, you know that he/she will always have your child’s back. They are like brothers and sisters, irreparable from each other. So, here are some wholesome pictures of kids with their dog siblings, and this will just make your day better.

#1 They look ready for picture day.

#2 Everybody hates the doctor. At least they can be moral support for each other.

#3 What do you do when you don’t have a buddy to hug? This is what you do.

#4 Have you ever seen anything cuter than this?

#5 The doggo might be big but they are still a lap dog in the heart.

#6 The kid clearly knows he is a chair and that is it.

#7 Just look at how much these to care for the small bean.

#8 Taking naps together with your doggo is the best feeling in the world.

#9 And your dog can also be used as a couch if you so desire.

#10 I think he is trying to listen to the kid’s heartbeat in his….legs?

#11 That is the face of true happiness if I have ever seen one.

#12 So much has changed but some things remain the same. Like their love.

#13 Who wouldn’t want to be smushed by puppies? Because I know I would love it.

#14 Kids and dogs can relate to a lot of things in life.

#15 All I see are two adorable pugs here.

#16 The baby sure is happy sleeping on his dog.

#17 No need for a stuffed toy when you have a dog to cuddle with.

#18 A walk can tire both of these hooligans out.

#19 Kids will never let you touch their adorable puppy.

#20 They look like they are shaking on an evil job well done.