Dogs are just so adorable. There bad habits and bad behavior is neglected by us when they make that innocent face. Some studies prove that dogs have adapted human behavior so much in the last 33,000 years they have spent with us. The unique facial muscles they have developed over time allow them to create expression just like humans.  They imitate to be upset just to get your attention and love.

We at Hiptoro have gathered some images that you just can’t ignore. So check out the collection and you might just decide to get a dog right now!

1. “My dog, wanting to discuss his treat allowance”

2. This Corgi named Candy can sleep whenever and wherever he wants.

3. Get yourself a man who looks at you like Stitch looks at ice cream.

4. “Hey! Don’t you think it’s time to put the laptop aside and play with me?”

5. “Meet Goliath, our new guard dog”

6. “My sleepy Sam and her smile always make my heart melt.”

7. He’s just checking to see if you’re alright.

8. “My puppy, cuddling with one of his toys while sleeping.”

9. You can’t walk past this cutie!

10. “A dog I knew from my last job.”

11. “This is Skipper. He’s been shipwrecked. He was wondering if you could help him get his boat back to sea so he may resume his voyage.”

12. Digestive sleep after eating her whole bowl

13. “I am being guilt-tripped because I cannot play and need to work from home. This is high-level manipulation.”

14. Stitch loves his bald puppy.

15. “Stop working mom and play with me.”

16. This is Andi and Olli. They fell asleep arguing over who gets to cuddle the chicken toy.

17. “3 years ago I adopted this old guy. Today he’s 14 and doing better than ever!”

18. “I present you my belly for the rubs.”

19. Yes, this is his real hair.

20. This is Ned. He’ll be conducting your check-pup today. Please don’t giggle when you see him.