Having a child is the most life-changing incident in our whole lives. Most parents would agree that it was one of the best decisions in their lives.

What’s even better is that if you raise a puppy with your child, he will shower love and grow along. But, to be honest, things can’t always be that well planned out, and the thing human beings excel at is adapting. So parents who weren’t expecting a child are oftentimes the most incredible caregivers. Especially, if you have a single child then a puppy might be the best partner you can give them to grow up with.

Even if you are a cat person, after seeing the below images, we are sure that you would definitely want to adopt a puppy as soon as you have a child. The only way you wouldn’t wanna get your kid a dog after this is if you were secretly a cat.

#1 Smiley

#2 The big and the small

#3 Cuddling

#4 Pair of smiles

#5 Drowning in puppy

#6 What time does

#7 Freedom

#8 Chairs

#9  Aggressive affection

#10  Hugs for everyone

#11 Naps

#12 Holding paws

#13 Babies and pugs

#14 Big woofer

#15 Seats

#16 Together naps

#17 Vet visits

#18 Watchdog

#19 Dress ups

#20 Casual cuddles

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