Do you have a furball at home? If yes, then have you ever thought that if your dog was ever going to be rated, what score they would get out of 10? According to you, your poochie should get a 100/10, isn’t it? We came across an account on Twitter that did rated dogs who’s entries came in.

The Twitter handle, WeRateDogs is quite unpopular for what they do. People follow this account just out of pure love for dogs. They sare adorable images of poochies from the Internet, and we too have become a fan of the account. Check out some entries that came in and they have rated.

#1 Simba

There are so many theories about when dogs got domesticated. Some recent studies suggested that the domestication of does first took place in East Asia.

#2 Katara

#3 Mowgli

#4 Gunther

Dogs are very emotional, devoted, and loving creatures who have way too much to give to humans. A house with a dog is always happier and complete as compared to the ones that don’t.

#5 Chester

#6 Sid

#7 Walrus

#8 Muffin

Dogs are the most popular pets in teh world. Some theories suggest that approximately 12,000 years ago, dogs gave company to humans as their hunting companions.

#9 Molly

#10 Billy

#11 Daisy and Luna

#12 Carpet

#13 Kitchen Bear

#14 Bunsen

#15 Carpet Worm

#16 Scout

#17 Dario

#18 Leo

#19 Molly

#20 Todd

Let us know in the comment section about what do you think your pet would be rated.