Dogs are highly expressive and quite opportunistic. They know their ways to melt our heats from their innocence and silliness. When they beg you for attention, you know exactly what they’re begging for.

Regardless of which part of the world you are in, you know that dogs have a tendency to love begging for food. Can you blame them? They’re omnivores, and they have a really strong sense of smell. They can barely resist the scent of grilled meat anyway, and human beings aren’t much better, and we’re supposed to be the intelligent ones!

Be it for nice smelling food or sometimes even for your love and attention, when dogs give you those looks, you can’t help yourselves other than obliging. Can you?

The internet is filled with such adorable images and here is a collection of  20 images which are enough to bring a smile on your face.

#1 The baby joined in

#2 Bowls

#3 Head on head

#4 Cereal

#5 Sad stare

#6  Dobby the dog

#7 Across the table

#8  Fries

#9 Lapdog

#10 Shaming

#11 Stolen pizza

#12 Frown

#13 Samoyeds

#14 Pleading

#15 Across the table

#16 Sniff sniff

#17 If you’re small, you gotta be clever

#18 Grills

#19 Teeth

#20 Even the cat wants some

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