20 Animals Who Are ‘Brothers From Another Mother’

Do you believe a single cat or a single dog cute enough? Of course they are, but what if you get one of each who are from completely different species still looking quite similar. That would be great right?

Well, people say that pets have a tendency to look like their owners and sometimes they even look alike other animals from their own species. It’s hard to tell some animal species apart and there are a lot of species in the animal kingdom that could pass for twins.but we have today brought you a list of completely different yet spectacularly similar types of animals. There are a lot of species in the animal kingdom that could pass for twins and we can say, that they are “Brothers from another Mother”.

Whether it’s the color of their fur, the color of their eyes and even their chubbiness, the similarities are mind-blowing and also quite fun as shown in the adorable pictures below!

Some of these combinations might even be a little strange and unusual- like a cat and a dog, a dog and a deer , a cat and a rabbit and even a cat and a mouse.

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Written by Sandipan Kundu

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