If you have a pet, you don’t need anything else because they are your daily dose of entertainment. Pets sometimes act so weirdly that we almost think “what the heck is wrong with them?”

Whether sleeping in some unnatural position, staring at a blank wall for hours, or something else, pets do it all. And honestly, we are not surprised because that’s how normally pets behave. So, if your furry baby is not acting this normal, maybe there is something wrong. 

Scroll down to see the new normal level set by furry angels this year. 

“She stayed in this position for a few minutes and then slowly slid off!”

“He is patiently waiting for the door to be opened, but we moved it during the renovation.”

“I bought a toy for my dog. And the planets aligned for this photo when he picked it up.”

“I shooed him off my lap and this is how he behaved.”

“My dog sticks his jaw into a hole in the ball when we walk at the park.”

“My cat is trying to drink water.”

“She thought she could get milk like that.”

“She doesn’t seem to like it inside this house.”

“This is how she looks at me when I play video games all day.”

“My favorite ball! I love you so much!”

When you’re tired but your bed isn’t tidied up:

“So that’s what the cupholders are for!”

“It was pretty hot in Korea today.”

“When assembling your dog kit, be sure to follow the instructions to avoid disasters like this.”

“My dog sits like a human.”

“This is my dog, Ella, in the sun.”

“I didn’t expect him to do that.”

“So, I’ll sit here. It’s quite convenient.”

“He seems to have seen something terrible. And he can’t forget it…”