When we go on a vacation, all we want is a comfortable and great accommodation so that we can spend some relaxing time. But something cosy rooms are not enough. And why should it be? After all, we like it when we get something more than we have paid for. 

Hopefully, there are people who are lucky enough to get more. And by more, we mean four-legged angels wrapped in fur. Sounds great, right? Of course! But what is even amazing is the pictures that people have shared on the Internet where they were greeted by pets during their stay in an Airbnb apartment. And the best thing- the pets provide their guests with the most amazing hospitality services like wet greetings on arrival, late-night cuddle, guarding the property, ear licking, and more. 

To fill your day with joy and happiness, we have found some great pictures of 4 legged hosts with their guests. Scroll down to see the super cute unofficial Airbnb super hosts.

1. I woke up with this cat licking my face in the morning. 5 stars

2. This Airbnb has a Bellhop now

3. The host was worried that I would cancel my stay because he had puppies at home. I stayed an extra week

4. This is Benny, and he greeted us with his stuffed animal when we arrived at the Airbnb

5. The best host, Hector, who kept me warm all night without charging me extra

6. When I got to my Airbnb in Japan I found this in my bed

7. This majestic beast is the host

8. We chose the best apartment in Airbnb

9. This kitten slept all night on my blanket

10. I arrived at night, made friends with the cat, and it turns out he doesn’t even live here

11. This is Belle, a friend of the host. He assured us that she’s fine

12. This cat appeared next to me in the morning

13. The room included Pearl, this grumpy 23-year-old cat

14. I’m on a business trip and I miss my dog, but here they have this cutie

15. The owners of the Airbnb rescued this little dog on the beach a few days ago and he’s lovely

16. This is Zeus, I met him during my stay in Paris

17. On this Airbnb I made a friend named Mewcifer

18. This weekend’s host

19. We weren’t told that the house came with this wonderful extra

Don’t forget to tell us how would you feel if you were also greeted by a cute pet during your stay in an Airbnb apartment? Also, if you have any such pictures, you can share them with us in the comment section.