If you want to know the true nature of an aminal, just zoom in their picture and you will know it. Confused? Well, don’t be because we have found some pictures that will help you understand what these animals are thinking and doing.

Before you scroll down, we want to tell you that some pictures might leave you speechless. Like the picture of two rats fighting. Have you ever thought that you would see something like this? We are sure that you haven’t. That’s why we have compiled these pictures for you.

Scroll down to see.

1. “I took this picture at 2 AM. Those are 2 rats, fighting.”

2. “Dad. Dad. Dad. Dad Daddaddad! (He was in a meeting.)”

3. “Well, my dog and I got a speeding ticket and this was sent to me. LOL.”

4. “I need pancakes!”

5. “I’m not saying our cat is big, but here he is on Google Earth.”

6. “My mom met this rescue opossum at a nature center.”

7. A real flower

8. “This is where he sits, barking all day at squirrels from his water trough.”

9. “Somebody needs to make a bridge like this.”

10. “Open and shut case of a ruined batch of brownies”

11. “Goose has the ability to scare the crap out of us. We should’ve called him Johnny.”

12. The way my neighbor’s dog gets “walked”

13. This photo is charged with optimism.

14. “Ace has no top teeth, so his face is pretty much in a constant state of derp.”

15. Someone here is an impostor.

16. “So my boyfriend sent me a picture of his cat.”

17. “Oskar wearing his box”

18. “I went to a Corgi meeting today. The other Corgis are all looking at the ball. My dog on the other hand is derping really hard.”