Ladies, we want to ask you one thing. Have you come up with any plan to protect your man from your evil cats? Oh no, we haven’t lost our minds but we know something that you don’t. 

It’s that cats are evil and they are professionals at stealing their owner’s significant others. If you are thinking that we are just messing around, you better keep an eye on your cat before it steals your partner. 

P.S. Don’t blame us if you can’t protect your man

1. Get someone who looks at you the way this cat looks at that man.

2. “I think my cat stole my boyfriend from me”

3. Begging for attention.

4. They are doing couple selfies right.

5. Safe and sound in his arms.

6. The instant bond is always surprising.

7. What are you going to do about it?

8. She really adores him.

9. Keeping her hands on what belongs to her.

10. She is giving you the “look.”

11. Just slowly back off and I won’t hurt you.

12. That satisfied grin.

13. Know your place.

Daisy and my boyfriend, with Daisy asserting her role as his true girlfriend, lol. The look she gave me! from aww

14. He is long gone.

My boyfriend and his best girl Bitey making sure I know I’m the side chick from aww

15. Yeah, this seat is taken. So is your man. Move on.

16. Why are you still there?

My boyfriend and my cat… a match made in heaven from aww

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