There’s no fun in a relationship without a sense of humor.

These guys married someone with a great sense of humor and these pranks their wives played on them proves it.

1. “My wife got me an engraved watch band. A little ominous…”

2. “7 years ago I input in Jason’s phone if he typed the word ‘love’ it would change it automatically to ‘penis’ haha, god I’m funny, I should do something like that again”

3. “My wife just got a label maker”

4. “Something my wife left for me after I got out of the shower this morning.”

5. “My husband just got his vasectomy…”

6. “My wife decided to make our cat emo.”

7. “look what my wife got for me”

8. “My wife named the roomba ‘Floor Slut’ and now I get these emails from iRobot.”

9. “I just got a vasectomy and my wife found this in her bag of carrots and saved it for me.”

10. “My wife said she needed a new stylus for her tablet for ‘important’ work. Then she sent me this…”

11. “The wife thought it would be funny to put this on my bumper for our cruise to dinner tonight, surprisingly nobody honked….or at least I didn’t hear anyone over the radio”

12. “Wife came home from the grocery store excited that she found pasta appropriate for a man of my proportions”

13. “I won a trophy too from my future wife.”

14. “I always pester my husband to eat bananas for his leg cramps. I tried to get him to eat one last night when he was watching Netflix. He was already irritated as every movie suggestion starred Nichols Cage and he doesn’t like him. I just found him the perfect Christmas present. He’s going to hate it.”

15. “Best Wife Award”